Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Every day I see signs of summer slowly morphing into fall.  The days are getting shorter, and the sky bluer.  There is just a feeling I cant describe, but I know it is there.  Those who enjoy summer best be making the most of it.

Jim felt like riding with me to get Jesse and Rayven at school, and taking Rayven to her Mother's apartment, but bringing Jesse to Murphy's house. He(Jim) said it was good to get out of the house. Every time he gets to a low point, I fear it is going to be the last, but God just isn't through with him yet. Praying he will feel like going to church tonight.

There is so much going on in our world today and we hear the bad news day in and day out.  One thing that caught my attention yesterday, among so many others, was that President Obama renamed Mt. McKinley to Mt. Denali.
At first it blew my mind how he could do that, but I did find an article stating that the name of Mt. McKinley was given the name that was initially bestowed in 1897 by William Dickey, a Seattle businessman returning from an Alaskan expedition. Dickey later claimed that he decided upon the name in order to anger his two traveling companions, who were ardent backers of free silver (while the soon-to-be-inaugurated McKinley was famously in favor of the gold standard). By the time that story came out, McKinley had been assassinated and the name seemed to honor a fallen leader—but it’s quite possible that it was initially intended as something much less serious. 

It is a sacred place for generations of Alaskan Native Americans (particularly members of the Koyukon Athabaskan nation). Alaska has acknowledged that sacred heritage for decades, and the mountain has been known as Denali within the state since the 1970s. But every time Congress has tried to formalize the change, Ohio has protested and stalled the process, arguing that the name McKinley is an important part of their state’s history and heritage.

One never knows what tomorrow may bring!

  1. Hint 1 Remove the wrappers and let them dry under the hot sun for a few days before using them.  Making cakes of soap last longer.
  2. HINT 2 Getting more juice from your Lemons and Limes Before squeezing them, immerse in hot water for about 15 minutes.
  3. HINT 3 Getting ketchup out of a fresh bottle. Sometimes you find ketchup won’t flow out of a fresh bottle despite some shaking. Insert a drinking straw and push it to the bottom. Enough air will be admitted to start even flow.
  4. HINT 4 Easing drawers that stick Rub the runners with candle wax or soap. The drawers will then run smoothly.
  5. HINT 5 Peeling soft oranges Sometimes you have difficulty doing so. Put the soft oranges into your refrigerator for a few hours. Peeling is now much easier.
My cat picture for today:


  1. Your cat picture made me smile. Our Lucy LOVES stinky shoes. She can spend hours with her head stuck inside a shoe (Joe's, not mine!).

    Interesting hints today - thanks! I was a little upset about the name change in Alaska, until I learned that Alaska is happy about it. It IS in Alaska, for goodness sake. Ohio should be ashamed.

  2. I didn't like the name change either but Alaskans should be allowed to name their own mountain.

    Glad Jim was able to get out for a little bit. I think a change of scenery is always a good spirit lifter.

    I'm enjoying the summer as fast as I can!

  3. Enjoying everyday I get to have my toes in sandals and not shoes!!
    Glad your hubby could get out for awhile.
    Cats are such amusing animals! I don't remember our cat being fascinated with shoes. Too cute!

  4. Interesting about the mountain rename. I had not heard about this.

  5. I was upset about the name change at first too, but if Alaska is happy, that's good!
    So glad Jim is doing better.
    I like your background!

  6. Happy that Jim is better, still praying:) I don't like changes, so the name was good like it was! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!