Thursday, September 3, 2015

Besides being a lover of mountains, I saw praying hands in this picture.  Do you see them? Even the earth prays to the one that made them.

After church last night when we were driving home, Jesse said, 'I love Ms. Kathy.  She is a good teacher.  She doesn't just teach us about God, she wants us to KNOW God.'  I thought was a pretty profound statement for a 7 year old boy.

For this thankful Thursday, I am thankful for the teacher at 'Kids For Christ' teaching my grandson about God.  I am thankful that Jim is less sore and able to move around more and did go to church last night. 

Have a happy Thursday, and join me for a cup and a muffin???


  1. Bless makes your heart sing!!

  2. Yes, I agree with Sue. Jesse made your heart sing, I'm sure! With all he is going through, he still understands God in his life! So happy Jim is doing better and that muffin looks amazing! Yum!

    1. PS- yes, I do see praying hands in the mountain and in the clouds! Lovely.

  3. I do see praying hands now that it's been mentioned.
    It's always amazing how quickly kids pick up on teachings, good or bad. That's why it's so important to bring God back into the Public Schools (or, as I call them, Government Indoctrination Centers). Our country is doing a grave disservice by not witnessing for Christ in the public realm.
    Happy to hear Jim has improved and I pray that continues for you both.
    Holy Toledo, the muffin does look good!
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

  4. I see the praying hands in the mountains:) What a sweet teacher! I remember my childhood Bible teachers who made a huge impact on my life! Enjoy your evening dear Linda, happy to hear that Jim is improving! HUGS!

  5. That sounds like a wonderful teacher!
    I do see the hands!

  6. Ms. Kathy sounds like a wonderful teacher and ot just because we share a name. I hope my students say the same a out me because that is always the aim. I see the praying hands too.