Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I did not make it to everyone's post yesterday, and I have no excuse.  I was in la-la land for some reason. My best friend came by for a short visit and she brought us some sausage from our favorite meat place near where she lives.  We never run out of things to talk about, no matter how long it has been in between visits.  Oh, we go back and forth on email and facebook, but it isn't the same as face to face.  Her daughter, who lives across the street from us, had a birthday yesterday, and my friend cooked a meal and made her a cake and after delivering, she came over here.  Do you have a friend that you have known for 50+ years, have been with her when her children were born, and vice versa?

I made chicken and dumplings for supper, we each ate one serving and neither of us said, but it wasn't good.  I just can't cook and there is nothing anyone can say...I just can't.  It is such a waste when either of us cooks something and then can't eat it.  Our taste buds are truly going or gone.

Are you a Dancing With the Stars fan?  Telling my age, but I tuned in to see who was on this time, and only knew 2 of them. I didn't watch last year and won't again this time around.

Our Dollar General gets an A+ from me.  Went to get a few little things and they had Dunkin Donuts K-cups! Yay for DG.  I am on my second cup of that yummy coffee.

My hint for today:

Cat picture for today:

(At first glance, it is hard to see this kitty isn't it?)


  1. I always enjoy dancing and I've watched Dancing With the Stars before, but I never watched it consistently. I got a kick out of the cat picture. That pretty kitty just blends right in with the carpet... :)

  2. I watched DWTS last night, after not watching the last two seasons. I didn't enjoy it at all so probably won't watch it again...maybe for the final show. I wanted to see Bindy Irwin and Paula Deen. That's all. That is some true cat camouflage! Wow! I always find something to buy at DG!!

  3. What cat ;-) that's a teaser pic for sure!
    Don't watch the dancing shows. I'm a fan of Voice and am looking forward to that starting up again.
    Have a great Fall day...it's beautiful here today!

  4. My longest friend I've known for about 6 or 7 years. We never run out of things to talk about either.
    DWTS isn't my cup of tea. I'm more of a nature girl or English humor/mystery or sci-fi or documentaries, that sort of thing.
    My husband is the chef in the family. I devour and clean up. That's the deal. *grin*
    There's a cat in photo? *giggle* Great camouflage as long as he never leaves the stairs.
    Hope your evening is blessed. ~:)

  5. My daughter always watches DWTS and calls my mom (in Florida) so they can discuss the dances.

  6. A great cat picture. I love dancing so always enjoy 'dancing with the stars'. With NZ being such a small country it would be hard not to know who the people are - but I have to admit being stumped by the local soap star last time as I never watch it.
    Have a nice day :)


  7. Use to be a fan of that show, not anymore. Hey, the DG here is selling Barilla and Mueller's pasta products now. I thought that was pretty cool, how sad is that? lol

    I cook and the guys clean up, that's the deal...if not, we would be having mac and cheese every night---just saying...the guys can cook but the their taste buds are lacking. (wink and smiles)

    Have a beautiful day, Linda.

  8. Jim is and has always been, the cook. I loved my Mother tremendously, but she just never taught me to cook. Murphy is an excellent cook, who got it from his Dad.

  9. Nice to have a life-long friend, I have one also! It doesn't matter how long we go without seeing each other, we just catch right back up as soon as we see each other! I get tired of trying to come up with something tasty for dinner! We love casseroles and that helps a lot to try different things! I watch DWTS and have for years but like you, I don't know many of the stars! Have a blessed day dear Linda, HUGS!