Monday, September 14, 2015


When you are used to getting up to 70+ temperature, it is a shock when it is 50!  I rarely get cold, but I am COLD this morning.  The forecast says it will warm up as the week goes on, but it won't be too long before it won't.

Church was so good yesterday.  The morning service was a little rough. There is a family, grandparents, parents and 3 children, that sit in front of us.  The youngest little boy talks out loud, crawls under the seats, rattles anything he can find, and I hate to say it, but it is a big distraction to us. Neither the parents nor the grandparents do a thing. The boy is 4 years old and we have Children's church for the young and we think he would love it there.  I know I should be praying for him and them instead of complaining, but I am just being real, and honest.  Has this ever happened to you?  Of course there are no assigned seats in church, but Jim and I discussed choosing another area next Sunday.

Just when I think Jim is doing better, he got up this morning and had a 'spell'.  He was shaking and weak, and had that 'deer in the headlights' look in his eyes.  I don't know if that is heart related or just what. We go for another check with the heart doc this Wednesday, so will definitely tell him and see what he thinks.

Well, that is not a lot of exciting news, so will close and wish everyone a good Monday.

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  1. We have a similar situation at our Church! It IS distracting and it is hard to ignore! Have a blessed day dear friend, praying for Jim! HUGS and BRRRRR here too!

  2. We had TWO very noisy toddlers in church this past weekend, and it is very distracting. We have a "cry room" where parents can take noisy little ones and still see and hear what it going on. I know the little ones need to learn to behave, but it does take away from our listening ability. A 4-year-old should certainly be able to sit quietly for an hour - or go to Children's Church. I know what you mean about assigned seats. We have one place where we like to sit and feel weird if someone gets there ahead of us and we need to sit somewhere else. We're just set in our says... no pun intended!! Hope Jim feels better today! Hugs.

  3. I guess this is the teacher in me, but here goes.....I would say something to the family. A 4 year old cannot be expected to sit for an hour and listen to "adult" words. That's why you have age appropriate classes for children. I would say it with kindness, but still say it.

    1. I know you are probably right Sue, but rather than upset the 'apple cart', it is no biggie for Jim and I to move. We go to a big church.

  4. I send mine to children's church until they are old enough to sit and listen well.
    It got chilly here as well today!

  5. I thought that was the point of having Children's Church, but this family doesnt think it is necessary for the little boy...obviously. I am not a mean old lady, just saying............

  6. I've had the same thing happen with the rude kids or adults that won't sit still and listen. I like Sue Pope's idea but also, isn't it the Pastor's job to make these suggestions to attendee's? I would ask him to do so first.
    It's cooler here too and feels GREAT! Plus the bugs have slowed down. That's always a good thing too.
    Hope you and Jim are feeling well this evening. I do worry about him very much. Prayers from us too.
    The cat pic is hilarious. It's almost like he's saying, "This is one good cup of Joe."
    Have a blessed evening. ~:)

  7. I think every church has this same problem. The church I used to attend would not allow children under 12 into the sanctuary. They had to attend age appropriate classes or go into a room with a closed circuit TV. The parents had no choice in the matter. The ushers would not allow them to enter the sanctuary. Where I am now, the children are allowed to be with their parents for the opening, but then are told during the announcements to go into the Children's Church when the message begins.

    It is cold here too. I guess Summer is over.