Saturday, September 5, 2015


When I saw the title picture, I would love to have something like it, close enough to go swimming.

The water is so clear and blue, and on a hot day like today is going to be, it would be perfect.

Jim and I both got good doctor reports yesterday and don't go back until 12-23.

I have no earth shaking news, so will just close by wishing you a happy, safe, holiday weekend.


  1. Good doctor news is always nice to hear:) Happy Labor Day weekend to you dear friend! It looks like a rainy one for us! HUGS!

  2. Great news from the doctor, Linda. Hot and humid here as well. Have a good weekend, and Happy Labor Day. Blessings

  3. Great that you had good news from the doctor. That always puts a smile on my face. Love that pool! I'd like to take a dip in there too. Have a good weekend!

  4. It's always encouraging to get a good doctor's report. I have to go by mid-September. Even though there's "nothing wrong" nor is it much trouble, I still dread going.
    The pool would be a welcome event today. It's 90* again! I wish that Fall would hurry up and make it's presence known. *giggle*
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

  5. I hope you enjoyed your break away from the house yesterday, even if it was just for a trip to the doctor.
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


  6. Hooray for good reports! That pool is so pretty!

  7. Hi Linda! Sorry to be so late getting to your blog. We have been on the run all day, and then a neighbor came down and stayed until just a few minutes ago (10:00 pm). I saw that swimming pool on TV once and saw how they carved part of it out of the rock. It was very interesting and makes for a fabulous place to swim!! Glad you both got good reports at the doctor! Excellent news! Have a great Sunday! Hugs.