Sunday, September 6, 2015

September 6, 2015
The 249th day of 2015
17 days until autumn begins


Fought the crowds at Walmart yesterday, then a stop at the Dollar General store, and by the time I got home, unloaded everything, I was dripping wet with perspiration and had to change clothes.  The humidity is horrible and no real relief in sight.

We stayed inside and watched football most of the afternoon and evening. Jim did anyway, and I flipped between games and the Hallmark Channel. They have decent movies on the weekend, and my favorite is Cedar Cove.

We used to always plan a big cookout for this holiday weekend, but I guess our children have moved on to 'their' own thing.  No one has mentioned doing anything together, and that is a little sad to me.

I wish you a blessed day.

Helpful hint:

Before you wash clothes, it’s always best to zip them up. Zippers tend to work better and last longer when you launder the article of clothing while zipped.

Cat picture for today:


  1. Funny, Linda, we were just discussing holiday plans....usually we have a big family cookout. Nada, nothing this year. My mother in-law is still not talking to us, been nearly 7 weeks now....nothing, nada. Liam stopped over there but didn't stay long....and I won't repeat what was said. Sigh

    Hot and humid here in western NY too. I did not venture out yesterday, spent all day doing homework and then watched football, love the Cedar Cove shows, love the books even more.

    Have a beautiful day, friend. Stay cool. Blessings

  2. We don't celebrate Labor Day either. It's a celebration of Communist Unions anyway. I wish your family still got together though. I do understand the sadness.
    It's suppose to be hot and humid here in SE Georgia too. Guess it's one last "hurrah" before Fall finally settles in.
    Cute cat photo. Having once owned cats, they do try to look innocent after the "crime". *lol*
    Have a good day at Church. Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

  3. It's sad when the traditions are not traditions anymore. I was at Walmart yesterday also, buying my new addiction.....Dole Dippers. I highly recommend them....especially the pineapple.....if you like fruit and dark chocolate.

  4. No plans here either, but that's the way of it these days, plus none of our family are close. We didn't plan on being home this weekend, so are just making the best of a lovely 3-day weekend. We went to Walmart yesterday too. Have a good Sunday! Cooler weather is on its way!

  5. Bob and I are both working tomorrow, and we're just having a quiet evening.
    It's so hot and humid here too, but is supposed to cool off this week.

  6. Labor Day is a Labor Day here :) our kids were over last evening as they usually do on a Sunday. They cooked hot dogs over a fire but decided not to do s'mores.
    Cats surely can act innocent! But they usually aren't :)
    Hope your day is relaxing and filled with some special too!

  7. I also grocery shopped after Church yesterday along with everyone else:) It was packed! We didn't plan anything either for Labor Day! The weather looked a little iffy but as it turns out, no rain in sight! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!