Friday, September 4, 2015


This has seemed to be such a long week to me.  I haven't been out of the house for 2 days, and maybe that is why it seems like it is long.

Today, however, we get to go to the doctor.  We have the same primary care doc and this is just our 3 month check up.  Nothing much ever changes for me, but for Jim, there may be blood work, adjustment of medicines, etc.

Nothing planned for our weekend, so we will see what comes up! Enjoy whatever is on your agenda.

Hint for today:
Yarn Embroidered Baskets

Look for ones with a circular or grid weave with spaces large enough for a darning needle to fit through. Some baskets may be too rigid to work well.
Head to your local thrift store for some great options for $1 a piece.
Yarn (variegated yarn, but any color will work)
Darning needle
If you want, you can also double up your yarn for a thicker embroidered look, like I did for my rectangular basket.
1. Cut a length of yarn, thread your needle, and tie a knot on the end. Determine where you want to start embroidering on your basket. For this circular basket I started in the middle by inserting my needle through one of the spaces and pulling the yarn through. 
2. Start embroidering whatever pattern you want on your basket. For this one I created a starburst design by making a long stitch and a slightly shorter stitch next to each other and then moving over a "rung" in the basket for the next two stitches.
3. Once you have gone all around the basket, tie off your yarn and trim any excess.
Easy, quick gifts!

Cat picture for today:
'Ain't love grand?'


  1. I hope the doctor's visit is positive.

  2. Hope you both get good reports from your doctor. Maybe you can stop for lunch while you are out and make it a longer time away from the house. The baskets are great - never thought about doing that to a plain old basket. Cute cat photo! Sweet little kittens! Wishing you a peaceful and good weekend, Linda!

  3. Not much hap'nin around here today! Hope the doctor appts go well. Sending hugs and prayers across the miles!

  4. These are so pretty! I'd never thought to do that. I don't sew. Maybe this would be something I could try.

  5. I hope you had a productive day at the doctors....keeping you in prayer.

  6. Hoping you have a relaxing week-end. Our daughter drove me over for my mammogram this morning, then we stopped at a place called a Bushel and a Peck run by a German Baptist family. They sell all sorts of baking supplies, and prepackage candies and treats, I only spent about $23.00 Lots of goodies. Have a safe wee-end no falls for either of you.

  7. Hope your appointments went well and that you both have a good weekend.