Thursday, August 6, 2015


The debate tonight among the 10 candidates for the President will be interesting, if not informative.  Do you plan to watch?

We had a storm yesterday, about the exact time we were to leave for church.
This picture is just up the road from our house.  Murphy had left for work, and called to tell us we might have to take another route to church. But, the rain and wind stopped and we did make it without any problems.

My exciting day will be spent vacuuming and dusting - maybe!  Hope you have a good day too!

My hint for today:
Crispy leftover pizza---
To reheat a pizza so that the base is out-of-the-oven crisp, heat your leftover slices in a fry pan on low-medium heat on the stove until warm and wave goodbye to the days of soggy microwave pizza.

My cat for today:
Grey kitties have always been my favorite!


  1. Yep....I'll be watching....should be quite a show..!!

  2. ....Or you can put the pizza in the Toaster Oven at 350* for about 5 min.--yes, Linda, we will watch the debate....wise choices need to be made this upcoming election season.

    Scary storm you turned black here yesterday and it rained for about 5 min and it has since turned nice, very little humidity. Windows and doors are open today.

    Have a beautiful day, friend. Blessings

  3. Happy you made it to Church without any problems! Great tip on the pizza:) Have a blessed day dear Linda, HUGS!

  4. It rained a little here yesterday, but mostly sunny after 21 days of rain!! Enjoy the dusting......ugh.

  5. I wasn't going to watch the debate but think I might now. There is so much riding on this. I still think it's too early most of the fish eyed food stamp voters out there to care. We'll see.
    My preference is gray doggies, especially Miniature Schnauzers. I lose myself over them so easily.
    Please y'all keep PRAYING! May the Lord have mercy on us. Thanks. ~:)

  6. I will watch the show?? We had a storm with flooding and lighting with loud thunder. Looks like after it crosses the Miss river
    it gets worse.

  7. I will be at work when the debate is on. I plan to record it. But iif it is like most of the debates I have watched, I will get frustrated at the answers and turn it off. That's a great tip for the piazza.

  8. Nope, won't watch. It's too early and lots will play out until the election....I surely hope so anyway!!
    We are having a beautiful day here in PA. Hope it's beautiful in your town too, Linda!

  9. We just eat leftover pizza cold...rarely is there any leftover pizza, though. That must have been a horrid storm! Glad you could get to church without mishap.

    We may turn on the debate but I can't imagine listening to 10 of them answering questions. It will be replayed over and over anyway.

  10. No plans to watch the debate. My TV isn't connected to cable and Mom will probably be watching something else on hers. I certainly agree with your header! I love grey kitties too. Have a blessed day.

  11. I am loving that header and yes, I will watch the debate tonight. Your day of vacuuming and dusting sounds a lot like my day today. After my sister left, I started cleaning the house just to take my mind off of how much I was missing her already. Anyway, thanks for that great tip and have a wonderful rest of the day... :)

  12. Still undecided about the debate. And, it starts in about 30 minutes!

  13. What a storm! Glad you did ok in it.
    I was out with some friends tonight, so I missed the debate. I would have liked to have seen it.