Friday, August 7, 2015


So what did you think about the debate? Did you find the person you would support for our President?  I thought I knew, but after last night, I am going to have to take a second look.

Murphy asked if I would print the registration forms for Jesse and Rayven and of course I said yes.  He emailed the forms to me, and it is 28 pages long for each child.  28 pages????  I don't remember having to have that many with my children, and definitely there weren't that many for me, way back when!  This has all come about by our government, bullying, printing everything in a second language, etc.

It is another rainy day, so will be doing very little.  Hope you have sunshine and will have a good Friday.

My hint for today:
Send a postcard a week
Buy 50 postcards and 50 stamps. Every week for a year, send a message of love to a friend or family member. They could be someone interstate or someone who lives on the next street. It doesn’t matter. In 50 words or less, tell them you love them and why. For very little effort, you will put 50 very big smiles on 50 faces and receive a lot of love back in return.

My cat picture for today:


  1. What a great idea about the postcards! Wow, you're going through a lot of printer ink.......of course, there is no other answer than, "Yes, I will print that." Stay dry!

  2. They all said what we wanted to hear. If we are for God and country. BUT???
    Schools are training camps for the government.
    Collage teach political correctness.
    They didn't have much to say about that , only Bush
    and I don't think I like what he is saying.
    LOL glad you ask what I think.

  3. I think that this election season is going to be very interesting. I'm clueless right now who I would vote for but I know for certain who I am NOT voting for!

  4. I've made up my mind (pretty much) but there are so many good Republican candidates this time that I'm flexible. I know for sure who I DON'T like or trust: Jeb Bush (socialist), Donald Trump (nutcase) and Chris Christie (friend of O'Blamer - 'nuff said). Got any preferences? :) The debate actually was not a debate. It was more of a question and answer period. It could have been better.

    I would send a post card a day, that would get rather pricey, but sending a short e-mail or e-card a day would be nice.

    Cute cat Mewotain. *lol* ~:)

  5. 28 pages? Wow!
    I didn't see the debate but have read a lot about it. I know there are some I really like, others I'm not so sure about. We'll see...
    I love that tip.

  6. I am with Mari--28 pages???? WOW. Well...the Debate---I am turned off by Megyn Kelly and will no longer watch her program...she and other women who think there is a "war on women" need to get their facts straight, just saying....I have my man picked out, unfort. I do not think he will be nominated (Cruz).

    It will be a long political season, that is for sure. Just praying that a Socialist won't be elected. Sigh...


  7. I still have lots of looking to do before I decide on my President:) HUGS!

  8. I agree with Sparky on the debate. I'm giving it some time to see how they shake out. I like Walker and Carson. Time will tell. I just want a candidate who can win. Nice hint and cute cat graphic!! Happy Saturday, Linda!