Tuesday, July 7, 2015

There, but for the grace of God, go I!


"I too, like someone seen to have suffered misfortune, might have suffered a similar fate, but for God's mercy."

I have some next door neighbors that I have been unhappy about for as long as they have lived in that house.  Their yard looks more like a trash pile than a yard; their carport is stacked to the ceiling with stuff - old mattresses, an old refrigerator, etc.  We are not really sure how many people live in the house.  A man comes and goes.  It is a very small two bedroom, 1 bath house.  There are people coming and going day and night.

We have stayed away.  Except there are two little girls that live there at times, and Jesse enjoys playing with them.  They will play basketball with him in his backyard, or go up into the tree house with him.

One day last week, there appeared a 'for sale' sign in their yard.  At first, we were glad to know they (whoever they are) were moving on.  However, we found out that the grandmother of the house is the only one working, and they have very little....very little furniture, transportation, and other things.  My heart broke for them, and I was ashamed at the way we had looked at them, and our lack of helping.

I tell you all this to say, don't be too quick to judge.  Don't be too quick to think bad of people that you really don't know how they are living or what they are doing behind those closed doors.  We still don't know the reason for them leaving, other than possibly they were behind in their rent and the owners decided to sell.  It is sometimes hard to get people who rent, to move, so the option to sell is the answer.

Pray for your neighbors.  Help when and where you can.  Be thankful for what you have and give God the glory for it all.

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  1. It is so easy to look at a situation and see one thing when it's something so different. My first impression when I read the description of your neighbors was that they were dealing drugs there. I'm so sorry for the grandmother. I hope they can work things out. A very thoughtful post!

  2. Yep...oh how I understand what you are saying...we have neighbors like that...and I will admit to thinking the same things. Thank you dear friend for the reminder. Blessings to you....

  3. How sad ,so many people have a hard time in this world today.

  4. You're right, it is easier to judge than to do something. I do the same thing. Probably nothing will change that. It's funny, though, the pastor we used to have at the Methodist church once mentioned we should "always pray for our neighbors". That is such a correct attitude to have. So, I try to remind myself to pray for the whole neighborhood now. Kinda like, what we just went through (see today's post). It was a rough week for us. One just never knows what sack of rocks one has to carry around, even if it's only temporary. Thanks for the reminder to be kinder. (Poet and don't know it! ha ha)
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

  5. Thank you for the reminder about how we should look at our neighbours. I hope you're having a great week.

  6. You gave us a very good reminder, Linda. Love the cat picture!

  7. An important reminder to pray....we never know what heartaches people are dealing with.

    That cat is hilarious.

  8. Very good lesson in your post for today!
    PS - love the cat too!

  9. A lesson for all of us in this post! We never know the troubles people have! God bless your neighbors that they can find a good place to live somewhere else. Perhaps a fresh start will give them a new life!