Sunday, July 5, 2015


Hope everyone had a nice 4th of July celebration.  We had an extremely quiet day around here....didn't even leave the house!

Today, I am going to 'report for duty' at church and pray we get a little sunshine.

Hint for today:

My cat picture for today:
(Can we all say 'awwww'?)

I am taken with these silly minions, so bear with me as I post jokes and pictures of them. I can't explain why they amuse me, they just do.


  1. Cute kitty picture:) I love that header! Have a blessed day dear friend, I am reporting for duty too! HUGS!

  2. I love the minions!!! Have you seen the new shark week commercial with the minions? Talk about lol'ing.

    We still do not have a church to call home, I guess they do things different up here, Linda. (sad to say)

    Have a lovely day, my friend. Blessings

  3. Hello, Wishing you a blessed Sunday. I always look forward to your tip for the day and the kitty pics. Nothing sweeter than kittens! Thx for sharing the minions, too.
    We stayed in all day July 4th too. A few fireworks last night but then the rain started again and all was quiet!

  4. Great tip for iroing dress shirts :) I hope you're having a lovely Sunday.

  5. the kittens!! I enjoy the silly Minions too, so post all that give you a giggle! We are just about ready to head for the beach. I'm checking in with a few blogs before I pack up the computer. Have a good week, Linda!

  6. I love your header shot for today. I'm also a fan of minions, they make me smile too!

  7. I'm reporting for duty too but would like to ask if all would please pray that our A/C is repaired tomorrow? It's been a hot, long, miserable weekend. It made me so sick I had to take a hotel room. Anyway, thanks so much.
    Cute kitties again and I also like the minions. They are adorable. Whomever came up with the cartoon is very clever.
    Hope your weekend stays blessed.
    Luv ~:)