Saturday, July 4, 2015


July 4, 2015
The 185th day of 2015
81 days until autumn begins

In honor of July 4th, today’s hints are four tips for celebrating the holiday --
1)Don’t push it.  Give yourself permission to say “no”, to keep things low-key and to go with what your gut is telling you.  Over the top sounds fun, but sometimes tiring, and fireworks can be scary to kids.
2)Don’t get carried away.  You dont have to wear red, white and blue to celebrate the 4th.
3)Do stay safe and healthy.
4)Do help your kids learn about why we’re celebrating.

My cat picture today:


  1. Love the Cat graphic today. Blessings to you both today. xo

  2. OHHHHHHHHH I love your background here. I/We always try to keep it low key, I don't decorate or go all out. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way. We have always BBQ'ed... and tell everyone/family, their invited, just bring a dish. Who knows whom will show up etc...

    Happy July 4th, Linda. We are going to the parade, the guys and Ron (hubbys step father) are then going to the classic car show over at the park, back here to BBQ, then fire works, prayerfully, the weather will hold up.

    I have to learn to adapt to changes of schedules (see above, lol) Have a Blessed day my friend...and steak sounds good, btw.

  3. Enjoy the parade and fire works for me too. It is a rainy day here, but hope it holds off for you all (hehe)!

  4. Low key here! It's been raining....anything from a downpour this morning to light rain to drizzle....all day. Not sure if there will be any fireworks tonight. And, I didn't wear red or white....I'm wearing blue jeans, does that count ;-) Hope your day was pleasant!

  5. Very low key for us. We're checking the lists twice, getting ready for our vacation. Had a nice meal and visit with Helen and Cheryl, and their friend from church, Betty. Now I hear thunder....time for our evening rain, I guess.

  6. I haven't decorated or celebrated July 4th since Slick Willy was Prez. There's nothing to be proud of in current events, in my opinion. We're just trying to stay cool and will be glad when the drunken brawl now called July 4th is over with.
    Hope your day was blessed. ~:)

  7. Love your header! I celebrate the Fourth but then I celebrate everything. I wore my USA T-shirt, but it was a low key day. Hope you had a good day.