Friday, July 3, 2015

Do you worry?  A lot?  About anything and everything?  I hate to say it, but I do.  My son tells me that he isn't worried about anything, because he knows I am worrying for him.  I really have tried not to worry so much and to depend on my Lord.  I know He is now, and will handle everything in my life, so why do I continue to worry? 

My title picture today says it all.

We have nothing planned for the 4th, tomorrow, as our children are going here and there, so Jim suggested this morning that he get a couple of steaks and we grill for just us. Leigh's family gave him a new grill for Father's Day/Birthday, and we have yet to use it.  It is supposed to rain today and through the weekend, so not sure what we will do.

'No news is good news', so I have heard so I have none this morning and that's good.

Hint for today:

My cat picture for today:


  1. Good Morning, I guess we will go to the parade at noon tomorrow, bbq'ing,then fireworks. It is suppose to rain in the morning here too. Steaks sound good, I have no idea what mil is bringing over to grill, I guess I will have to wait until my son comes home to tell us, lol. Have a good day, Linda. Blessings

  2. I hope the rain stops long enough for you to grill those steaks. Sounds SO good!
    God Bless your day! Happy 4th!

  3. Cute cat picture. You could link up w/ Feline Friday if you wanted.
    I worry too.

  4. I have taken the word (WORRY) out of my vocabulary. I watched my mother over the years worry her self literally
    out of her mind. So I give all to God, but I have been know to
    move in and out of His Light. WOW! where did that come from???? Please don't worry so my dear blog friend.

  5. Rain is the puds on holidays...steaks on the grill sound wonderful! Yes, I have done my fair share of fretting and for what? It is certainly true that it doesn't change a thing and only makes me and everyone around me miserable. Just seems to be soooo many things to think about.

  6. I am a worrier, but I'm trying very hard to be grateful instead of worrying so much!! I hope you get to enjoy your steaks.

  7. Interesting about the batteries! Cute cat picture! You are finding some great ones! Steak on the grill sounds just right for the 4th! As to worrying...I just don't anymore. Joe always says it is "interest paid in advance for trouble that rarely comes" and that is absolutely right.

  8. I admit that I am a worrier but with age, I am trying to improve. I know that worrying is a waste of time! We went out for a burger today, but will stay at home tomorrow. I don't like driving in holiday or weekend traffic. Funny story, we stopped by the thrift store today and John found a baseball bat for his collection. We were getting strange looks as we walked toward the cashier.....then it dawned on us. John had his walking stick in one hand and a bat in the other!!!!!!! lol

  9. Worry is my middle name but I think I've gotten better about not doing so. You're right, though, worry changes nothing only steals our joy. Good lesson.
    I didn't know that about batteries. I just put them in the device and hope they work.
    Another funny cat pic. That one is a winner!
    Luv ~:)

  10. Hi Linda, yes, worry can steal our joy. It is always a challenge. As I get older I am trying to lay everything at the feet of the Lord and like my mother always said, Let Go, Let God.
    I think it's okay to have concerns but worry can be a waste of time like your quote.

    Wishing you a Happy 4th of July,
    Blessings, cm

  11. I am a worrier too, although I know God is taking care of me!
    The grilled steak sounds so good!
    That tip is interesting. I never heard anything like that before.

  12. I try not to worry, just pray:) If I start to worry, I just pray! That isn't saying I don't worry, I just try not to! Have a blessed 4th of July dear Linda! HUGS!