Monday, February 2, 2015


Good Monday morning.  Hope you had a good weekend and are ready to tackle a new week. We were supposed to wake up to either rain or snow flurries and so far, the sun is shining.  I have said this before, but it still applies - for the best weather forecast, open the front or back door and look outside.

I forgot to post a picture of my 13 year old granddaughter, ready for the last night of Cotillion.  She is such a beautiful young lady and smart, oh my, she is so intelligent.  Am I proud of her and do I love her a bunch, you know I do!!!  She plays soccer for her school and has straight A's in all of her subjects.  She is very disciplined in almost all areas of her life.  We tease her and tell her she will be a Supreme Court Judge one day!  lol

No plans here today, so enjoy your Monday....stay warm and safe if you have to be outside.



  1. Love the loafers, and your gorgeous granddaughter's photo! Hope the rain and snow stays away! Keep that sun shining! Hugs!

  2. Beautiful photo of your granddaughter! LOL at your blog header, Blessings

  3. Your granddaughter is beautiful! I love her style :)

  4. What a beautiful girl and smart too! WOW! It was a little rainy and windy here today but right now just chilly:) You are correct, just open the door and stick your nose out is the best forecasting! Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

  5. She is lovely! And brains too. Must run in the family.
    It's making me hungry looking at those loafers. *giggle*
    Luv ~:)

  6. :) Thanks for the smile on the loafers!
    All your grandkids are beautiful, plus they're talented and smart too!

  7. A beautiful 13....we have one, too.....:)

  8. She is a beautiful young lady and her dress is also beautiful. Shawl looks so nice over the dress. I know, it seems us Grandma's do tend to brag about our Grandchildren, don't we? We only have two Granddaughters and three Grandsons. Oldest Grandson is 32, next one is 22, and then one is 15. From three different children we have. Granddaughters are 33, she was in Iraq for about 6 months when it all started, she was just out of high school and joined the Army, her brother is the 32 year old. The next Granddaughter that lived here with us, along with her Mother for six years is 14. Audrey and her Mom still live in Brookville, so Grandma still has to run Audrey to some evening things if her Mother is working. Her Mom is an RN and their shifts are 12 hours.

    I should run the sweeper and dust mop, but just don't feel like it. The cat has gotten sick twice this morning, he has pancreatic problems, also the daughters cat, so I've had several places to clean up before I even started breakfast. Daughter will be over tomorrow to give him a dose of his medicine. She knows how better then me. I thought he would be happier staying here, since someone is around almost all the time, and he loves to lay and watch out the patio door. Plus if he got sick on their carpet at their new apartment, by the time someone got home to clean it, don't know if the stain would come up. It's so yellow. And it doesn't wash out to well, even in the washer when I have thrown in throw rugs. It just stains things. Their carpet is a light beige, almost a winter white.

    I think today we'll go to the VFW for lunch, they're having broasted chicken, sounds good to me. And the best part, I don't have to fix it.

    Have a great day, sun isn't shining like it was yesterday. Also thanks for your visits.