Saturday, January 31, 2015


The end of January, and February knocking at the door!  It was just Christmas yesterday, how did we get to February?  LOL

CALI CAME HOME!!!!  She had crossed the street, as my son said he saw her. I called and called, but she never came.  I gave up, but when it was time to eat... she came running, and 'was none the worse for wear' (an old southern saying!).

I have talked to several of my 'cat owning friends', and it seems to run the gamut as far as a kitty drinking in the bathroom sink, or sleeping there.  One of mine, the baby, is obsessed with drinking!

Jim is very happy about his vision, as was the doctor when we went for the check up yesterday.  Now we instill drops, and more drops!

Basketball news:  not so good, Aryn's team lost by one point, to the team they beat by one point 3 weeks ago.  She was high scorer though with 21 points. Score 54-53. 

Colder today and snow flurries on the way. Will stay inside, finish laundry, and continue reading 'Gone Girl'.  



  1. Aww...sorry about Aryn. Great news about Cali girl!!! Great news abotu Jim too!! I liked your header this morning.... I am still processing something my bil said last night that made us 3 (hubby, myself and son) cringe and hubby told him not to call back until he changed his tune....ugh...never mind. ANYWAYS--I am so glad Cali is home. Blessings

    1. Now you know girl, that you cant start something and not finish will drive us nuts! lol

  2. Aryn performed great, yet again! Losing by one point is heartbreaking, but they obviously played a great game!! So happy to hear Jim's eyes are doing so well! I am thrilled that Cali came home and is okay! Hopefully that adventure will keep her in now. Sneaking girl!! Hugs and enjoy your quieter Saturday!

  3. So happy about the kitty!
    Ours ran away once...
    For days... I set a can of tuna and she came right home!
    Stay warm and cozy, my friend.

  4. Those kitties run away sometimes but usually come back home:) Sorry about the loss at the B'ball game! Great news about the vision! That is awesome! Enjoy your day dear friend! HUGS!

  5. Smart Cali. No one wants to be outside in the winter for too long. Glad all is going well with Jim's eye. I use eye drops every day and once I got into the routine it's just part of my life. Keep cozy!

  6. So glad to hear that Cali returned. Once all these doctor visits are in the past, you'll both be amazed at how improved your vision is. It's wonderful not needing prescription glasses anymore. Hope your day is a happy one! ~:)

  7. Sorry about Aryn's team, but everything else is wonderful!

  8. Great news about Jim and Cali!!!

  9. I'm so happy to hear about Cali returning home!!