Friday, January 30, 2015

Post op results for Jim - GOOD!  We go for check at 2 today.  

Update on basketball:
  Tuesday night - won 44-33 and Aryn scored 21.
  Thursday night - won 61-56 and Aryn scored 32
Tonight they play their biggest rival - Notre Dame.  It will be a hard game, as the winner will be #1 in their District.  We have played them over the past few years and going to their gym is is packed, loud, and fun.  We will be proud of Aryn's team, win or lose though!

My big kitty, Cali, escaped the house this morning and so far, hasn't come back. I have been outside several times, called for her, etc., but no sight of her yet. Two kitties from next door have parked outside our back door and she may not come until they leave.  My son said she would come when she got cold or hungry. My fear is that she will get run over as we live on a very busy street.

No big plans for the weekend, but hope you enjoy yours!



  1. Oh I do hope Cali is okay. It's so dreadful when an animal goes missing.

  2. I hope your kitty safely returns home soon!! I can imagine how concerned you must be.
    I'm glad everything went well for Jim.

  3. Good news on Jim, bad news on Cali. So glad things worked out well with the surgery. I hope your little kitty comes home safely and soon. I will pray for you.

  4. I hate when one of our escapes (usually Lucy). She has always come home, but usually in the wee hours of the morning. Keep us posted, please. Naughty girl!!

    Congrats to Aryn and her team. She is an amazing athlete!

  5. PS.... great news about Jim!! Sorry, I was caught up in Cali being gone!! I'm sure the doctor will be pleased, if you are!

  6. Oh no...poor Cali!! I wouldn't know what do if Coffee, our German Shep. got out and disappeared...keeping you and Jim in prayers. Blessings

  7. Glad for the good report! Hoping Cali comes back quickly. It's so hard to wait.

  8. Glad Jim is doing well and hope Cali has come home by now. My plans for the weekend are reading, cooking and keeping cozy. The howling wind outside is telling me it's a good time to stay indoors.