Thursday, January 29, 2015


We are going this morning, to the surgery center to have a 'cadillac' removed from   Jim's left eye.  When I was still working at the Eye Center, patients would come in saying they had to have a 'cadillac' (cataract) removed.

The film that was removed by laser on his right eye Monday, worked and he can see so much better out of that eye.  We are praying once the cataract is moved from the left, he will see things he hasn't seen in a long time!

Church was wonderful last night.  Our Pastor is so burdened for people who are lost in this old world and can't seem to find a way to 'get out and get help'.  

Point:  his brother in law has been a hard, hard drug addict for 34 years.  Pastor received a call this past Saturday night, saying if he didn't get some type of help, he would die within 24-48 hours. So the Pastor and his wife immediately called contacts they knew near Louisville, Ky.(where the BIL is living), got up early Monday morning and drove there to see him.

As of last night, the brother in law is staying 1 day here with the Pastor's family, then he has been accepted to a local drug treatment program and will begin there Friday, or tomorrow.  This is an intense program and he will be there for a minimum of a year.  No one can call or visit except immediate family. He is not married, but has(had) a live in girlfriend and she is also addicted to drugs..just not as bad.  She will not be allowed to visit or call.

Last night at church, he opened his heart and told us about his brother in law, and requested prayer, constant prayer, that he will stay with the program and get well.

I don't know if you have ever had anything like this in your family or in a friend's family, but I so appreciate my Pastor for putting his life on hold, to care and help someone else.  I posted on Facebook last week that I was so thankful to have a Pastor that cares, and he truly does.  He challenged us to do the same - care, and his Scripture was taken from Jude 1:22. 

The 'bus' (car) to the surgery center will be leaving around 7:30, so I wish you a good Thursday.



  1. Prayers this morning, my friend!

  2. I hope all goes well for Jim today. What a touching story about your pastor and his brother in law. I do hope the program will be of great help to him.

  3. Prayers for Jim and pastors brother. We have a pastor who cares too...almost too much because he takes on so many burdens that it wears him down.

  4. I meant to mention, I love your background today, it reminds me of quilts my grandmother used to make for us.

  5. Y'all have already left but do know we all pray that you may be folded into prayer. I do pray that the Pastor's BIL (and the girlfriend) is healed too, not just physically but morally as well. We all have our cross to bear and every family has those in need.
    Stay warm my friend. Luv ~:)

  6. I will be praying that the surgery goes well and that it will be worth it all! I will also pray for your Pastor's family! We have all had troubles in our families and God can heal! Have a blessed day dear Linda, HUGS!

  7. Prayers lifted for all of these concerns, Linda, and especially for Jim's surgery this morning. Please let us know how it goes! I hope you can get some nap time in later today!!

  8. {Linda} Keeping you in prayer. Blessings

  9. Praying the second surgery goes well. I'm thankful you have such a caring pastor. He lives out his faith!

  10. Hope all went well with the surgery. I have had both eyes done about 8 years ago. Don't regret it at all. Was really very simple. Now that I am on a blood thinner, I would probably have to go off of it for so many days, before they would do anything.

    I have two brothers, one turned out to become a teacher, the other a drug user and into trouble with the law, he even spent 7 years in prison. One thing his son wanted was for his father to grow up. His son was killed in a motor accident, his wife died from cancer about a year after their sons death, his daughter had a double mastectomy. You would think perhaps one of these terrible things in his life would change him, but it hasn't. His brain is pretty much fried.

    Sounds like you do have a wonderful pastor. My brother and I were never close, he's 11 years younger then me and I don't let him use me like some of our other family members did and have. I know that sounds harsh. The few times he has called me in the past 30 years was to ask me something or find out something. I know I sound harsh, but he about drove our parents insane and broke.

    It's cold here this morning about 24, Abe gets his hair cut at 12:30, so I will take him down and drop him off in front of the barber and park someplace until he's done, then pick him up in front of the barber, so he won't have to walk far with his oxygen.

    Hang in there you two and keep warm.