Monday, January 26, 2015


I have heard the expression 'pull the plug' before, but in very different context. This one is far better than those.  I agree, don't let anyone pull the plug of happiness from you.

This week----------

1:  Take Jim for a laser on his right eye.  He had cataract surgery a year or so ago, but now he has a film over his eye.  The laser is to remove that film.

2.  Basketball game tomorrow night, if no snow.

3.  Church Wednesday night.

4.  Take Jim for removal of cataract on his left eye.

5.  Take Jim back to have his left eye checked after surgery.

6.  Friday night is another basketball game, and will go, if the school where it is being played, has a handicap entrance.  Also, depends on how the surgery went and he is ok.

Hope your week is good for you and you get things accomplished.



  1. It sounds like you have a busy week. I hope all goes well for you. I have a bad cold so my plans for this week are to rest and recover :)

  2. Well, you two have a very busy week! Joe also needs a tweak on one of his eyes, from surgery a few years ago. Not scheduled yet, but will need to do it this year. Praying that all goes well. I know you are next....praying about that, too!! Stay safe and warm!

  3. Squeling with delight over a new background here. Keeping you in prayer...I need to check your weather to see if your snowing. Blessings

  4. Whew! Busy week for you this time. Hope the weather cooperates. I had the lens replacement surgery for cataracts couple of years ago and had to have the film removed once. Hope I won't have to do it again. It hurt on one side. Y'all stay warm up there. Luv ~:)

  5. I like that pull the plug reference!
    Praying the surgery goes well and your busy week goes well.

  6. Have a great week! prayers that all will be well with the surgery

  7. You've got a busy week. My Trigger Injection is now scheduled for Feb. 4th, since they still haven't gotten the approval from Medicare. I have to go to Doctor's today, have a stye in my eye and it's bothering me. Had to run Granddaughter to a meeting last evening at school, her Mom was working, then she called to tell me they were done early, so I went back to pick her up and take her home. Her Mom got home about 15 mins. later. I also took some home made vegetable soup for her Mom to warm for her supper. When she works a 12 hour shift, she works from 7am till 7:30pm, but by the time she gets home it's about 8:15pm. Tomorrow I take Granddaughter to her eye appointment at 3:30, and to her Pep Band Thursday evening. Her Mom has to work, Wed. and Thurs. She went back to Miami Valley Hospital in the heart section. She said it's less stress. She was working at Good Sam in the Med. Surgical Dept, and they would give them too many patients to watch. Also wouldn't let them give drips for the pain, had to go in every several hours to do the shots for pain. Next week, Abe sees his lung doctor, and I get my injection. I cancelled our appointment we had yesterday to get our toenails cut. Some weeks it does seems like many trips are made to see some kind of doctor for something. Hang in there, Spring is just around the corner and thank goodness we don't have what they're having in the Ny/Pa area.

    Good luck to your husband on his left eye surgery. I wonder sometimes if I should go back to Dr. that did mine to see how they look. I've heard they sometimes have to clean them with laser. Cold here this morning about 18. Take care of yourself and don't be out running around too much after night, I'm sure your Granddaughter and her family understand.