Sunday, January 25, 2015


Good Sunday morning.  We had a beautiful day yesterday and we went for a ride in the afternoon.  That sunshine does make a difference in one's feelings.

Today, not so good weather wise.  I have to keep reminding myself that it is winter. These type days happen.  It isn't forever.

I did a lot of cleaning out of desk, putting 2014 files away and re-organizing. That felt good.  I also did some closet cleaning out and rearranging.  I had 5 skirts that I had not worn and didn't even remember they were in there. Feels like I have been shopping and have new clothes to wear.

I know we ask each other, from time to time, to pray for someone that means a lot to us.  I would ask that you pray for Glenn Palmer.  He and his wife are missionaries from our church in England, and he has some serious lung problems. His wife taught my children in school and they have been dear friends of ours for many years.  Truly Godly people. 

No other news from this southern gal and southern state.  

Church this morning and evening, and I always look forward to worshipping with my fellow believers. 



  1. Keeping your friend in prayer. Linda, you sure find the most interesting backgrounds and headers, they sure fit your personality, smiles. (and I mean that in a good way!!) Have a blessed day.

  2. Happy Sunday, Linda!
    Glad you had a nice, sunny day yesterday...
    We did as well.
    You and I are on the same page...
    I did some organizing in my pantry! : )

  3. I said a prayer for your friends. May the Lord bless and keep them in His loving hands.
    The sun finally peeked out from behind stubborn clouds yesterday. [I keep yelling at them to Go Away but they don't listen. Silly clouds. LOL] It was a very welcome sight. Today is sunny, breezy, slightly cool. Just plan nice. Doggone gnats are out already though! Yuck. I hope we don't have a lot of gnats again this summer. Such a nuisance. Anyway, because of the pleasant temps, we've been working outside. It's time for us to start our vegetable garden again. Where did the time go?!
    I find clothes in my closet I've forgotten about too. It is a pleasant surprise.
    Hope y'all are having a restful, happy day! Luv ~:)

  4. Happy Sunday Linda! Blessings to you this week!

  5. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine yesterday! It does feel good to get things organized! I will keep your friend, Glenn Palmer, in my prayers.

  6. Where are your friends living in England? Although we now live in Scotland, my husband is English and we both lived in England and return there often to visit family.
    Well done cleaning out that desk! I know how sorting out papers can be such a chore!