Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This is for my friends who live in the 'snow' areas. Here, when it snows, the kids love going out the first day to play, and maybe even the second day.  Then it gets old, and they don't want outside for anything.  When you live in an area that gets 'feet' of snow, do the kids still play outside in it?

The trip for Jim's laser treatment yesterday took way longer than it should have.  His appointment was at 3:15, the treatment itself took 2 seconds, and we didn't leave there until 4:30!  We had the laser where I worked for 14 years, and I KNOW what it is and how long it takes.  I almost dread Thursday, when we go for his cataract removal. But at least I have my trusty Kindle Fire.

Have you read 'Gone Girl' or have you seen the movie? It is the #1 movie and not sure about the position the book is in.  I have ordered it for my Kindle and am anxious to get started.

My baby cat is driving us nuts!  She is obsessed with my bathroom sink.  Every time I open the door, she is in there, literally before I am.  I have used the spray water bottle, I have done all I know to do.  I was talking to one of my daughters and she said her cat was the exact same way.  What's up with that???

Income tax time is around the corner.  I always dread it, do you?

Well, blog friends, that is it for me today.  Enjoy your Tuesday - snow or no snow!



  1. I used to hate tax season...since we don't do Income tax any more, I don't have to dread it anymore. lol
    xo b j

  2. No snow here and I am thankful for that! I also dread getting the tax stuff together! Better get started:) I have not read that book or seen the movie but I hear it is VERY good! You will have to give a review! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. We are already gathering our tax stuff. All farm stuff is kept in a special binder through the year. So much to do!

  4. You can Google cats in sinks and get lots of pictures! Check this out....


    Ours aren't obsessed, but they do occasionally sleep in the bathroom sink, and even in the kitchen sink. Crazy cats....what are they thinking? LOL

    So happy to not be shoveling snow today. Growing up in Ohio, we didn't play in the snow as much as we went ice skating on the lake....could do that everyday!

    Joe does our taxes. I'm blessed (but I did my own when I was single) to be married to a CPA. Ha ha---my first husband was/is an IRS agent. He did ours, too, way back then.

    1. The cat website was fantastic...I am not alone for sure....it must be that it fits them and they feel hidden at the same time.....who knows! lol

  5. I'm not much for playing in the snow - I can't get warm again, but the kids still like it! I'll be interested in your review of that book,lots of people have enjoyed it.

  6. I dread tax time too. It's never fun, unless I know for certain that we're getting some of it back. I've heard of Gone Girl, but I haven't read it. I've heard it's good. I may check it out. Don't you love your Kindle? New books in a matter of seconds.... games to play. The doctor's waiting room is where we get our money's worth. Well worth it.
    Now that you've mentioned it, I don't see too many kids out playing in the snow much anymore. Even the 2 boys next door haven't been out. They all have video games inside and they don't have to dress for that.

  7. I've only visited a snowy place once. I remember it being fun to play in. Living in it would be a trial.
    When I had the laser removal done, it did take forever to get in and out of the office. Plus it hurt. I hope I never have to go through that again.
    I used to do taxes for corporations so the little we have is nothing. Piece of cake. :) Now I take the really lazy way out and take everything to a CPA.
    Hope y'all are well and having a relaxing evening. Luv ~:)

  8. I don't see kids playing in the snow anymore at all. I think they're all inside on their devises...sad.