Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Yes, I really am a winter person.  I feel better over-all in winter, I love seeing the snow fall, especially in the mountains.  Everything seems more quiet and clean. I know it isn't, but it seems that way to me.  I also know I am in the minority, and that's OK too. Wouldn it be a boring world if everyone liked the same things? We have had some flurries, but nothing significant yet.  For me, it would be wonderful to snow on Christmas.

My two cats have really taken to one another.  Funny too, they have a routine that I can almost time.  Play, nap, play, nap, eat, play, nap! Give them a box, and they will play for hours.

I have heard it all.  I just heard on the Fox Channel, that the students at Columbia and one other ivy league school, are saying they cannot take their finals because they are too tired --- from picketing!!!  That is beyond unreal to me.  If those schools allow that, I would NEVER want anyone I know going to college there.

Just so you know I didn't leave anyone out, I am not mailing cards this year.  We are on a very tight budget and that may not seem like much to some, but for us, we are what folks call "penny pinchers" these days.  Postage has gone up since I last bought stamps. 

Aryn's basketball team won a district game last night against the team that won the whole district last year.  Hopefully, they are on a far, 2-0.

Church tonight.  Hope your Wednesday is a good one.



  1. Yep and their too emotionally traumatized to take exams, unbelievable. That wouldn't fly here--at where I go to school. --I am not mailing cards either...just money is tight...I have 2 packages to get out, that is out. Feeling a tad bit bah humbug, not at hubby or son, just family issues...---btw, we are expecting upwards of 6 inches of the s word today, (and it is snowing now)--by the time the storm finishes, their saying upwards of 12 will be dumped here by tomorrow night. Very dangerous, roads are already icy. NOT COMPLAINING...I take the bus/shuttle in lolol. Thanks for the smiles---love the cats playing. Blessings

  2. I love to watch snow fall as well as to look out the window when everything is freshly snow-covered. I just do not enjoy going out and about in the wintertime.
    Your cats are just adorable!!

  3. I do like to see snow fall, I just hate to drive in it!
    Cats are so funny!

  4. Same for me. I like looking at the snow falling. I hate shoveling with my bad back and driving. Especially when it turns to ice.

  5. Aryn's team is off to a great start. Congratulations to them all. I'm not sending out cards this year either. We are in that same boat -- pinching pennies. We're having some pretty decent weather. We had a little rain this weekend, now it's going to be dry for the next few, then possibly more rain. We don't have any snow predictions --- yet. I would like to see some on Christmas eve, then it can warm up into the 70's. I'd be happy.
    Those college kids are headed for a rude awakening. They aren't mature enough to face real life in the outside world. They are part of that "ME" generation. They want it all their way. These are future leaders? Heaven help us. Take care, my friend, stay safe, well and warm.

  6. I am one that doesn't like the snow, unless I can sit in the living room and watch t from the window. LOL I also don't like the cold, seems to make the body ache more. Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas. This year, I am going to wait and see who mails to me, then I will mail back to them. I have labels made up from last years list. I also subscribe to Jacquie Lawson, so if I have an e-mail address I can send them that way. And usually what I do it put one of them on Facebook and also my blog for all my friends. Hope your church service was terrific. Have dishes waiting, also a load in the dryer. Just filled my pill keeper for the next week, and have typed off a paper for Abe to start doing his own. I've told him, if something would happen to me, he wouldn't know how to refill his keeper. I still stand by and watch to make sure he's doing it right. Keep warm.

  7. Congrats to Aryn and her team! She is so talented! Your cats look like they are the same size now! What happened to that little kitten?! It's great that they play and get along so well. You enjoy your snow and I'll enjoy your snow from here! Great post, Linda!