Thursday, December 11, 2014


When I type the words that I am thankful, then I begin thinking of all the things I am thankful, family, friends, etc., etc.

This morning, one thing I am thankful for is that I have seen at least half of my grandchildren grow and be intelligent, happy, talented young ladies, and the other three are on their way up too.  One of them, Aryn, added another milestone to her abilities.  She was honored last night at the volleyball banquet at her school, with a school record.  In volleyball, digging is the act of stopping the ball from hitting your side of the court after the opposing team has either spiked or served it to your team.  She set a record for her school with 890 digs. In that position, she can move from side to side, wherever she is needed.  The others have to pretty much stay in their position.
She never ceases to amaze us and her coaches too.  Aryn just goes about doing what she is supposed to do, and never seems to realize she is doing more.  She is very competitive and probably that helps her to excel.  She is second from left.
She always seems to have fun in doing it!
Yesterday was another granddaughter's 16th birthday.  She is such a beautiful, talented girl and we are hoping for great things in her future.  She is very artistic, loves to paint, and also loves to write. We have teased her and told her she could write children's books, and draw the pictures for it and they would be best sellers.
Dont get me wrong, the other three grandchildren are very young, but already so far ahead of where I was at their age, it is unbelievable.  We are so grateful (pleasing to the mind or senses; agreeable or welcome; refreshing) to be able to share in their lives.  We are blessed!



  1. You must be so proud of your grandchildren! Indeed, you have much to be thankful for :)

  2. You do have lots to be thankful for. Your grandkids are beautiful and talented too!

  3. Grandchildren are wonderful! Enjoy!

  4. Your grandchildren are all so talented, whether it's in sports or the arts. And they are also good kids who love their grandparents!! It's so great that you are close and can participate in their lives.

  5. It is heartwarming to read such love from a grandmother!!! Happy Birthday to your granddaughter. ---ps love the snowman--you can come here and throw snowballs 'til your hearts content, LOLOLOL. Blessings

  6. Linda, (in response to your comment about the robot thing)I didn't...all of the blogs are showing this!!! I even checked the "layout" and it is BLOGGER!! AND the "print" text is messed up too!! ---hey, I lost your email addy...I was going to email you.

  7. You have every right to be thankful and proud.

  8. Your grand-daughters are beautiful, talented young ladies. You are blessed.