Saturday, November 1, 2014


Seems October flew by, and I woke up to November.  I heard we had some snow flurries in the higher elevations, but since I was snoozing, I missed it.

The first day of November.....a year nearly gone. Wish I could push a button and slow it or stop it for a while.  Our children are older; their children are older, and I am definitely older!

We finally got our flu shot yesterday.  I believe older people especially, should take one.  I don't know that it would prevent all these horrible things that are happening in the world, but it might keep a cold from turning into pneumonia.  I started taking one the year I became a nurse and working at the hospital.  Have taken one every year since, and only once have I had a bout with the flu.  I know some say the shot itself makes them sick, and they don't take it, but for me and my house, we do!

We then drove up to our daughter's house on the mountain to see the new flooring that was being put down in their recreation room.  So pretty; good choice!  Also picked up two bags of popcorn, that I had ordered from the volleyball team's fundraiser!

Home to have our stash of candy ready for the tricksters, but only 2 came to our door.  After it got dark, and was spitting rain, we closed up, locked up and we went to bed.  If we do one thing out of the ordinary, it wears us both out, so we 'hit the hay' early!

Today no plans, no excitement - yet.  Happy November to you and yours.


  1. So that means you have extra candy leftover to enjoy. :)

  2. Every year I debate with myself on whether to get a flu shot. Hubby says he isn't getting them anymore. I still think I might. But maybe I won't. I think I should. Oh, I don't know.

  3. Linda, I get a flu shot every year, and have for years! I truly believe it helps keep you healthy. If there is a vaccine, I get it. It only makes sense to me.

  4. I'm with you on the shot. I've been getting every year for some time, and I give out a whole lot of them. I think the people who think they get sick talk themselves into it. :) I've taken care of some older people who've gotten the flu because they didn't take the shot and it's not fun.
    We didn't get a single trick or treater last night!

  5. We no longer hand out candy or anything. We use to and when it got up to over 200, I kept getting smaller candies. LOL One year I handed out nickles. The last time I passed out candy, I set at the end of the drive way, with a card table, and a plastic pumpkin lighted, save the kids ringing the door bell and making the dog bark. And we had very few come down our block. They would looked down and I was the only one with my light on, I guess they figured it wasn't worth it. Anyway I ached terrible for a week, sitting in the cold and dampness, so never again.

    As for the flu shot, when I had sarcoidosis of the lungs and it was finally in remission if that's what you call it, I got the flu shot the next year. Had a hard time breathing, so they gave me another shot to counter act the flu shot. My family doctor told me to never take it again. You have to weight the good against the bad and in my case it was bad. So far I've been pretty lucky. Everyone in the family gets the shot and when I go shopping, I make sure I wipe the shopping carts off with the wipes they provide. Make sure I wash my hands as soon as I get home, and try to remember not to touch the face until I do wash them. I also keep some handi wipes in the car.

    Such is the life of a Senior

    1. I understand completely and would definitely follow my doc's advice. The golden years arent golden!!!

  6. P.S. Like your new design.
    excuse any and all of the mistakes in my first message.