Friday, October 31, 2014

With a forecast of rain and possibly snow, we may have the perfect Halloween.  The kiddies are all geared up and ready to knock on our door. I remember back (if you can believe that) when I enjoyed trick or treating.  I don't know if it is the same to kids this day and time.  We didn't destroy anything, steal anything, we just laughed and had fun.  I lived in Nashville when I was young and either my Mom or Aunt would go with me, and then when I got about 10 I think, a group of the same age went together.  That was probably my last year to go door to door and after that, we went to parties in friends or my home.  We always stayed on our street and never roamed too far. Fun times.

We had our eyes checked yesterday and I have cataracts in both eyes and Jim has one in his left.  Lookout patch and shield, here we come! I can't decide now whether to have mine removed before the holidays or wait til after.  I was almost sure I had one in my right eye because no matter how many drops I put in it, or how clean my glasses were, it was still fuzzy to see. The right eye will go first for sure!

No special plans for the day or weekend here. Will stay inside, stay warm, and either read, nap or compute - (hey wait, that is what I do all the time anyway).

God bless!


  1. Stay safe and warm....we're expecting 1-3 inches here...!

  2. Glad the appt went well.
    We are getting snow too, should start falling anytime. :(

  3. Well, I have also joined the cataract club. Mine are very small right now, so surgery isn't even being discussed. Joe has had both of his done, and came through both just great. He loves not wearing glasses now (except to read). Recovery isn't long at all now. Keep us posted! Stay warm!

  4. I'm sure you will be very happy to get your eyes fixed... it should make a big difference! You've reminded me that I'm due to go to the eye doctor soon.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Please send cooler weather here? Oh, and rain too. It's been over a month since the wet stuff graced our skies.
    Oh dear. Sorry to hear y'all have cataracts. Hubby and I had the lens replacement surgery a few years ago (me in March 2012). I do recommend it. Note: Do everything exactly as the eye doctor says, including all the eye drops, etc. and there will be no problems. The drops are really expensive, so, hubby put my drops in for me and I for him. That way we stayed on course and didn't have to buy more drops than necessary. (I'm such a cheap skate.) Good luck!
    Luv ~:)

  6. The last time I went to my opthamologist, he said I had one developing so I'll no doubt be in the club too. Everyone I know that's had the surgery are glad they did.
    My trick or treating days were a lot like yours. We stayed in the neighborhood then when we got "too old" we had parties at friend's houses. Things have changed so much. Our grands do not go out alone for safety reasons. Then their candy gets inspected.
    We're to have snow tonight. It's been so cold and windy today, with rain turning to snow anytime now. I hate it!
    You take care.... stay warm.