Monday, September 8, 2014


Here we are again beginning a new week.  

Both morning and evening church services yesterday were convicting and I needed to hear them.  I am so thankful to belong to a church that preaches straight from the Bible, nothing added to or taken away.  I hear some TV preachers telling people 'how to be financially sound', or 'just be happy and love one another'.  There is a lot more to living the way Christ wants us to, than  to 'be happy, don't worry'.

My exciting plans for the day are laundry and maybe grocery shopping. This is an in between season and sort of a lull.  Things will pick up again soon. 

(an I plan on breaking all the mirrors in this house, so they can't get even!  :-)


  1. How great that you have a church that you like!

  2. I'm so happy to hear that you attend a Bible teaching church. There are so many false teachers in the world (and especially on tv) but we need sound doctrine found in Scripture.
    Laundry and grocery shopping... it sounds like we had the same plans for today :)

  3. We are so happy to be back in our 'old' church and church family. It makes all the difference. Our message is always straight from the Bible, too, Linda. Love your heading...I need to watch out, too! I do my best to just not look at mirrors anymore!

  4. Love your heading! I also love your blog look (I love each and everyone of them). This morning it was 45*, warmed up to a nice breezy 70. There are rumblings of a snow storm at the end of Sept-early Oct. Yep..I said it, The "S" WORD. LOL---BLESSINGS

  5. I do that with the grocery list all the time! *lol* Must be something in the air because we grocery shopped today. $$cha-ching$$
    Love the heading graphic. My mirrors have been getting even a lot lately.
    Hope you both are well and enjoying life.
    Luv ~:)