Tuesday, September 9, 2014


We were talking before church about the subject above.  Well, not exactly, but similar.  When you go to a party, church, anything where many people gather, you always say 'hello, how are you?'  And in return, the person says, 'doing fine thanks, how are you?'

You sometimes are not ok, but if you started telling the other person all your problems, ailments, etc., they would run away as fast as they could.  We had a good laugh and decided we would stick with the 'hello, how are you?'  Do you do the same thing?

We went to see Aryn play a volleyball game at her school on the mountain. They won!  Before the game, before we started up the mountain, we stopped for a burger, and an added plus is that we got home before dark.  I don't like to be out after dark if I can help it.  Jim and I are too old and 'feeble' to fight off a gangs, etc. 

No plans for today, so we will wait and see what comes up.  Hope you have a good Tuesday and am going to list a few things I am thankful for today.

1)  Technology and the fact I can still learn how to use them.
2)  This may sound silly to you, but am thankful that Jim and I now have long talks about the contents of our Bible. We have always gone to church, studied individually, but I love it that we can now talk and share and learn. We do it almost daily.  We also laugh at ourselves and say 'we are studying for the final exam!'
3)  Thankful that Jim likes to cook and does so about 90% of our time.  :-)

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. 
 ~Proverbs 23:7


  1. Linda, when you say "the mountain" which do you mean...is it Lookout Mountain?

  2. No, Signal; we are not of the 'rich'...lol

  3. So happy to hear Aryn's team won the game, and that you were both able to be there for her! You are right about us always answering "fine" when asked. When I know "fine" isn't the right answer, I do sometimes pursue it and am happy to listen when someone needs to be heard. So rich people live on Lookout Mountain, and normal people (like you and me) live on Signal Mountain? We have areas of town, here, that are like that, too! LOL Have a lazy Tuesday, if you can! How is Pipy doing?

  4. Yes regarding the two mountains, however there are super rich on both, the old rich on Lookout Mtn.....just not my daughter! lol Good, good schools there. Pipy discovered the liter box and we are home free on that, and she will eat us out of house and home! She is Jim's 'lap cat' and he NEVER would let me or the kids have a house pet.....old age has mellowed him big time...lol

  5. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to hand out $1000 to everyone that we suspect isn't "fine." It's sad how we have standard questions and answers which really aren't very sincere.
    I hope your Tuesday has been nice and restful. I'm relaxing this afternoon and plan to do some knitting after I catch up with some blogs.
    Take Care!

  6. Gangs? Oh, no. I'm thankful we don't have that problem in our little town -- not yet.
    I think that's wonderful that you and Jim discuss the Bible together. Final exam? That's cute.
    You take care.

  7. Yes, I think we all say we're "fine". It bothers me sometimes that we can't be more honest with each other - but then full disclosure would bring problems as well.

    That's so great that you're studying the Word together.

  8. I noticed the time you posted, you mean you've been up since that early? I set my to post at a certain time, but usually do it the night or day before, easier for me. LOL It was a beautiful day until the dog early, while still dark outside, got into it with a skunk. Then it seemed to go down hill from there. LOL I think I got the worse off of him, I hope so anyway. But it did turn out to be a beautiful day, not too hot, not too cool, just right. Supper/dinner is on simmering. Should be ready about 5:30. Also bought some moth balls and dropped them along the fence, we have a privacy fence and as far as I know, those darn skunks climb it and come over. So apparently when it's dark outside, until the shrubs and etc, all die off for winter, the dog for night time and early morning will have to go out on a leash. Which means I will have to get up earlier then usual to let him out, Abe usually just opens the sliding door and lets him out. I sure hope those moth balls work. I had a neighbor lady that tried that once with her dog, she wanted her to stay off the sofa, so she laid them all along the cushions where they fit into the back part, the dog would stand on her back legs, scoot the balls with her nose to one side and still get up there and laid down. She was one smart cookie. Dog id gone, and her mistress is still living in a rest home setting, her own apartment, and she's now 104 years old. Have a grand evening.

  9. P.S. When someone ask me how I am, I say I could be better, but then again I could be a lot worse.

  10. Good answer, I may start using that! lol