Tuesday, September 16, 2014

     When I woke up this morning and looked at the thermometer, it was 57!  I am LOVING that.  If we could stay 50's at night and 80's in daytime, with -0- humidity, it would be near perfect for me.  Now the leaves are slowly beginning to show some color and it wont be long until it will be full blown fall.  Yayyyyy!

     We have had some excitement down on the River front this week.  The LST Memorial 325 is docked there and open for tourists.

     What is an LST?  LST stands for Landing Ship, Tank.  These ships were designed in 1942 to land battle ready tanks, vehicles, soldiers, and supplies directly onto enemy beaches.  Over 1,000 of these ships were built for World War II. Many more were built for the Korean and Vietnam Wars for their ability to navigate inland waterways.
     USS LST 325 participated in several operations, most notable was D-Day at Omaha Beach, Normandy.  She was there for Operation HUSKY, the invasion of Sicily in 1943.  She sailed as support for the invasion of Salerno, Italy later that year.  This ship has seen 70 years of history and survived as the last fully-operational WWII LST.  You can walk these decks and feel the connection to our shared past. 

     We didn't attempt to take the walking tour, because neither Jim nor I could make it up so many steps and then the length of the ship.  It is however, an awesome sight to these Tennessee hillbillies.

     I have some new curtains and need to get them hung before really cold weather arrives.  They are lined and block sunlight.  We are trying to get ready ahead of time this year.  Jim called and has already had our propane tank filled. We have electric heat and air, but gas logs in the fireplace.  If our power goes out, we can still keep warm.  It is the little things that become the big things at certain times of the year.

We also ordered last year, 3 Olde Brooklyn Lanterns from the ad on TV. They are great! The light from one is so bright it almost lights a whole room, so we are ready if the power goes off.  BE PREPARED is our motto these days.  We are too old and cranky to do the camping bit...lol  We will be warm and be able to see each other now!

     Got to get off this computer and get busy doing something, anything, constructive.  Have a lovely day.


  1. We bought a generator so we can keep the refrigerator going, have the TV for news and lights at night...and fans to keep us cool. We don't have to worry too much about being cold. We start it every few months, just to keep it from getting sludge in the lines. Of course, we need to fill the gas cans when we hear a hurricane is headed our way. We also have the gas grill for cooking, with a propane tank. It never hurts to be prepared! It is still in the high 70s at night and low 90s during the day, here, as is still sticky and humid. We will be just right come November!

  2. It's good to be prepared, thanks for the reminder...I need to get some more oil for my lamps.

  3. That's interesting about the ship. "If those walls could talk" right? Our weather is the same here. It's always good to be prepared for what winter can bring us. We have a gas fireplace too, plus kerosene lanterns. And a portable charger for our Kindles and cell phones. We're all set. lol

  4. [Squeling} LINDAAAAA!!! I love this background!! Have I mentioned (rofl) that we love Chattanooga? No plans on moving though..sad to say..well..not really sad..I am enjoying the cooler temps here--today is only 60-tonight it is suppose to be 40 and I wish you could see the beautiful changes in the Allegany mountain/hill chain..I was waiting for the bus this afternoon and the beauty..wow..ANYWAYS--Thank you dear friend your posts and comments. Blessings

  5. It sounds like you're keeping busy and will be prepared for the upcoming cold season. Well done!

  6. How exciting to have the ship there!
    Good for you in getting so prepared. I'm hearing that this is going to be another bad winter, so I think I should be doing some preparing as well.