Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I thought the title picture was so cute.  Have you gone to your doctor for a check up and usually the first thing they do, is weigh you?  You take off your shoes because that is extra weight.  You wear light weight clothes, you sit your purse down, anything that will make you weigh less.  Never thought to take off my socks, but might just have to do that this time.  I bet men don't do that!

I managed to clip Spot's claws yesterday and it sure made a difference.  She had sharp little ones and as a climber, those dug in.  She didn't fuss or give me any trouble.  Thanks for advice Terri, of clipping early and how to do it.

My granddaughter Grayce runs cross country for her school.  Out of about 125 that ran, she came in 9th, and her school team won the whole event.  She is 12 and with those pretty long legs, she may have a future in the Olympics!
She and her best friends acting silly after it was over.
(she is on the right)

Church for us tonight.  


  1. Cat claws are painful, I know. We once had three of them. There's also a wild vine called "cat claw" that is equally as painful. They're well named.

    Congrats to Grayce. She's looking good!

    Y'all have a splendid day.

    Luv ~:)

  2. That weigh in is the worst part of a Dr appt. :)
    Grayce looks older than 12. Such a pretty girl!

  3. I do that at the Dr. office too. The nurse just stands there while I remove most everything. And if I wear my athletic shoes, she waits while I struggle with the shoe laces. I try not to do that too often. lol
    Grayce is such a pretty girl. Congratulations to her team. She may have a future in the Olympics. How cool that would be.

  4. Yes!!!!
    The doctor scale!
    Always better to go in the summer...flip flips and shorts! : )
    Yay for your granddaughter!!!
    Have a nice day, my friend...

  5. Congrats to Grayce! Your grands are all beautiful and extremely talented. I love hearing about them. Glad Spot was good for you while you clipped her little needles! Once a month should be plenty and she will be used to it as she ages. When I was going to Weight Watchers, I work the exact same outfit every week for my weigh-in, and always took off my shoes, wore no jewelry, etc. One woman always stripped down to her sports bra and biking shorts! Aren't we silly?!

  6. Congratulations to your beautiful granddaughter! I'm guilty of doing that for the weigh in at the doctor's office. I think it really is a female thing!

  7. It makes no difference, that is what the dr.'s tell us, lol. ANYWAYS--Congrats to your grand daughter. Blessings