Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall feels like it is just around the corner. For the past couple of days, we have had nice and cool mornings and late evenings.  At least the humidity is much better.

My new kitty (re-named Spot) and Cali are getting along beautifully.  I think Cali is mothering the baby somewhat.  She plays with her and leads her around the house. Spot's little claws and her sharp little teeth are the only problems we have.  She is 8 weeks old and quite the climber, biter, snuggler and as most cats are, curious of EVERYTHING!

No news again, so wont try to bore you. Have a great Monday.

(no, not Spot!)


  1. Such a cute picture of the kitty. Those little teeth and claws are definitely sharp, but she's so much fun to watch, as long as she's not shredding the curtains. The weather in Ohio certainly feels like autumn. I was so cold yesterday, I couldn't warm up. But by this coming Sat. it's suppose to be back into the 80's. Crazy weather.
    You take care and I hope you have a good day.

  2. I should have read your blog before I asked all those questions on Facebook!! You answered them here. It isn't Fall here, yet. Still in the 90s during the day, and sticky. You should start trimming those little claws now, so she gets used to you doing it. Regular fingernail clippers work fine, but clip from the side, instead of top to bottom. She will settle down in a few more weeks. I'm so happy Cali is mothering her!

  3. I'm glad that Cali and Spot are getting along well. I'm sure Spot is very entertaining!

  4. I LOVE YOUR NEW BACKGROUND!!! (sorry for shouting)--I always enjoy your after me..I AM NOT A BAMA FAN, LOL..Just because we lived there over 20 yrs...doesn't make a fan. Now, we love how Neyland Stadium sits on the water..and we do sing Ol Rocky Top..and we just love y'all's mascot. We always root for the SEC teams, however, we were happy to see GA loose. lol (my husband, he keeps up with the brackets)

    --Linda, thank you for the always make me smile and giggle..Blessings

  5. Sending you a big old orange and white smile and telling you I have grown to love you. I especially love your personality. I am a big old wishy washy woman, and wish I could be more like you.

  6. I bet you are having fun with the new kitty. Here in California, we are having some hot weather. It will cool off soon. From your newest follower, Linda

  7. Holy Cow! There are 3 Linda's on here now. This is gonna get confusing ... *giggle*
    For not having any news, this was still a good one. Happy to hear that the new appointed "Spot" is getting acclimated and Cali is also adapting.
    Please send the cooler weather our way? It would be a welcome respite from the 80* here.
    Hope y'all are having an enjoyable evening. ~:)

    OH, and PS: Thank you for the kind words on my Sunday post and for the prayers too. You are such a sweet lady. I am feeling better. Just haven't gotten back into "talking" again. :)

  8. Oh that kitty picture is adorable! I'm glad to hear the cats are getting along so nicely. It's a chilly day here so I made some vegetable soup to warm us up! I hope you have a lovely day.