Thursday, September 18, 2014


Gotta have it!  Have tried all other brands of hazelnut spread and there just is no equal.

A young lady in my church loves it as well, if not more than I do, and we tease each other about it. For Christmas last year, she got every size, every shape that Nutella puts out and took a picture of it and sent to me, saying 'I believe I win!'  My jar here is about half empty...:-)

Do you like it?  Do you use it included in other things that might need chocolate or just the flavor?  I have used it on toast, on ice cream, on biscuits, with honey, and best of all, on a spoon!

Not much excitement around here.  Jim has a doctor's appointment at 2 and Aryn has a volleyball game at her school this evening.  Am sure we will make the doctor but not sure about the game.

Talked to my old boss at the insurance agency last night.  He and I were friends and his family as well.  We caught up on old times and it is always good to hear from him.  He wanted Jim to come out to his new office and give him some advice on the parking  gravel, type pavement, etc.When Jim had his company, he did highways, built homes, offices, and just about anything, so my boss knew Jim could tell him what he needed. We will probably do that on Friday.  One event a day is about all we can handle.

All the world (picture in coffee) needs 
a cup of java to get their day started.


  1. Nutella is soooo yummy! My husband remembers having little one portion snack pots of nutella which they sold at the shops for 5 pence. I can just imagine how happy that made him as a child. Sometimes I say "it's a eat nuetella straight out of the jar sort of day." Comfort food.
    I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday.

  2. I haven't quite acquired a taste for Nutella yet. I have a small jar in the pantry that hasn't been opened yet. I had to throw another one out because it has expired. Sorry!! I prefer peanut butter. Maybe I should try them together on a sandwich?

    Hope the Dr. appointment goes well! Good luck to Aryn and her team, and it's great that someone is seeking Jim's advice. I know that has to perk him up abit, knowing someone needs his expert advice. Let us know how it goes, please!! Have a good Friday Eve!!

  3. That's a cool picture of the coffee map. I don't like Nutella and from the way things look around here, I'm the only one. My grandsons love it on their toast for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. Consequently I kept a jar in the cupboard for them. I tried it but no thanks. After sitting there for a couple months I gave it to their mother to take home. But I kept my big jar of peanut butter.
    Hope Jim's appt. goes well and you both have a good day.

  4. I don't like Nutella. Sorry, but I guess that means more for you!
    Nice to hear from old friends and I hope tomorrows outing goes well.

  5. Nutella and peanut butter were made for each other! lol

  6. Hope Jim's appointment goes well. I like Nutella, Hersey has now come out with a spread, and I believe Jif Peanut Butter, but I still like the Nutella the best. Although I don't need it, but it is good right from the spoon. LOL Hope the Granddaughter has a great game this evening. Abe and I are also getting to the point where one thing a day is about all we can handle. LOL Joys of growing older. Mine today was my 3 month check up at Doctors, now she wants me to have a complete physical in Dec. She also wants me to have a colonoscopy before that visit. My last one was 2007 and I was suppose to have had one since then, but I disregarded the letter from that doctor. I hate getting prepared for it. She did blood work up today and if I don't hear from her, I will know everything is ok. So I need to check on my doctor that has done the procedure in the past to see if he takes this insurance we now have since Jan. 2014. Seems like it's always something. I did find out, once you hit 80 you no longer need the colonoscopy done. That's good news. You tow have a good evening, hope you can make it to see part of your Granddaughter's game.

  7. Yummy!! I have to hide it from the guys. Praying for you and Jim. It is suppose to be 35* here tonight. Blessings

  8. Yummy! I don't buy it because i'm addicted to it and peanut butter. Honestly, I will sit down and eat half the jar at one sitting. I have eaten a whole jar at night when I was taking care of my daddy.

  9. I can't keep it in the house. If I have it, I'll eat the whole jar! It is very good.

  10. We LOVE Nutella here!! We usually put it on toast, but daughter #2 has a cheesecake recipe that uses it that is to die for!!