Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I can't remember where I found the title picture, but it made me smile. Mash had to be one of the most favorite tv series ever.  We still watch it in reruns when and if it comes on any of our cable stations.

Speaking of speeding, my son, Murphy, got stopped one night last week, for speeding.  He said it scared him to death, and didn't realize how fast he was going. He was going up Lookout Mtn. to make a delivery and the road is windy and narrow, but isn't an excuse. Fortunately the state trooper didn't give him a ticket, but a warning (PTL). He needed to see the sign in the title picture, didn't he?  lol

Well, the volleyball team won last night and of course they were happy, and shocked!  They have a good team, and they need to realize it and get more confidence in themselves.  They play again tonight, but we wont go, because we have church on Wednesday nights. We can cheer silently for them!  lol

Little Pipy is doing so good....using liter box, eating well, playing with Cali and they both are sleeping good because I don't hear any meowing during the night!

I am sure everyone is anxious to hear what our President will say tomorrow, the anniversary of one of the most horrific days in this country.  I remember and am sure you probably do as well, where you were, who you were with, and how you felt.  All I can say and pray, is that God will protect this country and bring us back to what we used to be.  In the newspapers, television, billboards, God has been taken out of our every day living and it is a sad time, a scary time for the USA.


  1. I was at the district office working and remember 20+ people trying to watch the news on a 8" portable TV in a co-workers cubbie.....

  2. I'm glad the kitties are doing so well. Everyone will be thinking of the victims and survivors of 9/11 tomorrow. Our hearts are with them.

  3. Sounds like you're doing well. So glad Murphy got only a warning . Congrats to the volleyball team, they do work hard.

  4. Great news on the cats. Your header is funny.

  5. I know I remember that day in detail. It was horrific. I can't stand to listen to obama. His voice gives me the willies, because none of the words that come out of his mouth are sincere - except when he says "I have a pen and can use it.". The worst President in our history.

    Pipy is a doll baby! I'm so glad she and Cali are doing so well together!!

    Glad Murphy just got a warning! Those tickets are expensive!

  6. I'm not going to listen O'Liar. It's a waste of my time. I'll hear the synopsis of his lies later.

    Glad the kitties are getting along. It's so nice to have life in the house, isn't it. That's why I enjoy having dogs.

    I actually got stopped for speeding coming back from vacation! Me!? Ol' slow poke. It made me laugh. I guess since I was no nice about it the State Trooper (or as I call them, Tax Collectors) let me off with a warning. I've been noticing a lot of cops on the road lately. They're out drumming up revenue for the reduced coffers rather than out chasing real criminals.

    Hope you both are well and enjoying the day. ~:)