Friday, August 22, 2014


Good morning and it is a good one.  I know I am all about coffee 90% of the time but I do also enjoy a nice cup of hot tea, especially in wintertime.  I have a recipe for spiced tea that was given to me from one of the nurses I worked with 100 years ago!  I will post the recipe when it gets a little cooler.

My Sunday School class is having our monthly class meeting today at noon at the church.  At the beginning of each year, we sign up for what we are responsible for each month and mine is a salad.  I made an apple/raisin salad for today and it sure looks good.  Hope it tastes as good as it

Both Aryn and Grayce had wins last evening.  Aryn's volleyball team won their 3rd game this week.  Grayce runs cross country and came in 7th overall.  There were 8 schools involved and so many I couldn't count the number of runners. She is in the 7th grade and that is really good.

Did you see on the news about the girl in Tennessee who was suspended for saying 'bless you' when a fellow student sneezed?  In my opinion (and it isn't worth a dime) is that, it is going just a little too far.  The teacher  has banned her and her classmates from using Church speech in the classroom.  Are we now going to have our children memorize a list of words that are or are not approved to even be in a classroom?  Ridiculous, to say the least.



  1. I was angry and then very sad about that poor student's suspension for saying something I grew up saying, and just say automatically....bless you! How does that offend? If you look up the meaning, even Pagans use blessings. BUT, there is no blessing in Islam. And that tells us everything we need to know, doesn't it. God bless us and please help us!!!

    I had a cup of tea last night, Linda. I don't drink it often, but once in awhile it really 'hits the spot'. Enjoy your luncheon today!

  2. Yay for Aryn and Grayce! I heard about that girl, and I think it's just awful.

  3. I also like a good hot cup of tea when the weather gets cold, but nothing beats my coffee. Grayce is doing very well. So is Aryn. Those girls are good athletes and you can be proud.
    I read the article about the girl in TN. Stories like this make me so angry. Our freedom of speech is slowly being taken from us.

  4. I love your blog header! Yes, I did see that..shaking my head..reallyyyyyy...people need to get a lesson in manners..shaking my head..I feel bad for the girl..--anyways--hot tea sounds good...Blessings

  5. Tea lover here too!!!
    Sometimes I can hardly believe some of the things going on in this world...
    Have a blessed, cozy weekend! : )