Saturday, August 23, 2014

I base most of my fashion sense on what doesn't itch. ~Gilda Radner

Since I am retired, clothes don't mean the same as when I was working and had to greet the public every day.  I am really a 'plain Jane' type of girl.  I have never worn make-up and I guess the reason I didn't, was because when I became a teenager, all the girls were wearing eye shadow, eye liner, powder, etc., and I just never had 'time enough to fool with all that stuff.  I was blessed with no pimples and when I did try to wear some of all that, I got some.  lol

I have naturally curly hair.  I hated it when I was young, and even had it straightened a time or two, but also found out that wasn't for me.  So you can see how plain I am!

Now, give me a t-shirt, jeans or shorts, and I am right at home.  When I dress up, so to speak, it is a plain dress or skirt and some kind of fancy top, of which I have few.  I don't wear pants to church, so save my dresses and skirts for that.  I also think in the south maybe we are a little more relaxed in our 'dress code'.

As a nurse, I wore uniforms - white, with nursing cap.  As an insurance agent, I could wear anything I wanted, except jeans and t-shirts with writing on them.  Thus, my title today!

Due to Jim's health, we don't go out as much as we used to, so we both prefer comfort.

Our church has a directory of members, and we are updating it.  We are having our picture taken this Sunday after service, so if decent, I will share that one with you. You have seen the picture below many times, but again you can see how casual we are most of the time.


  1. Linda, my fashion code is now comfortable and cool.......I'm in Florida! I taught school for 46 years and "dressed up" each, make-up....the works. Now, I'm enjoying t-shirts and shorts and no make-up!

  2. We are so very different. I love my makeup and nail polish. I love going to the hair dresser, getting my hair fixed, eyebrows waxed, etc. I am very picky about what I wear and even my casual clothes need to look right on me. As my sister says, that's why there's chocolate and vanilla. There is no right or wrong, just different people being different. There are days when I am not going out anywhere that I don't put on makeup. But my clothes always have to be right and lots of times I wear skirts around the house. I was brought up that girls wear dresses so I guess that's what it is.

  3. We are different..I wear war paint (wink) everyday, wouldn't want to scare anyone, lol. However, I am more of a casual dresser. I never ever wear dresses. Nice post Linda..loveee your pics! You don't need makeup, your't want to scare anyone, LOLOLOL.--Blessings

    1. You are kind my friend. You wouldnt scare me in any way, because we are friends. lol

  4. I also wore very little make up in my teens, but I didn't straighten my hair, not even sure they did that back in the early 50's, but I did get what we called back then, poodles, now they call them curly perms. Loved them, wash and go, as long as you had a pick to kind of pick the curls so they would look fuller and fluffier. I'm usually in jeans and a loose fitting blouse, sometimes I even wear an old shirt of Abe's that he doesn't like any longer.

    When I worked in public, I had been to a Mary Kay party and started wearing make-up, must have been around 50. But as soon as I retired, no more make up, way too expensive, although when I did wear it, I didn't have people constantly telling me I looked tired. So I may invest in some basic items by Cover Girl. LOL I have a pair of dress up slacks and a dress u top that can be used any time of year, so that saves me having to have a closet full of skits and dresses. I think I have one dress, more for winter time, wore at our one daughter's wedding. I have never been a clothes person, even as a teenager, didn't have clothes like a lot of the girls had, I couldn't afford them like some of the girls.

    You look great without make-up. Have a wonderful week-end, both you and Jim. P.S. I miss not seeing nurses in white with caps.

  5. I miss the RN's wearing white; now you cant tell them from a lab tech or xray tech, and they are much needed too. I graduated in the old school. I dont have many clothes either...dont need them.

  6. Florida is the capital of comfortable, I think! I rarely wear a dress or skirt anymore, even to church. Being such a touristy place, we see all kinds of clothing (or sometimes very little clothing) most anywhere we go. There is no dress code in any of our restaurants, or at church, where some have even come in bathing suits with a cover-up. It seems anything goes anymore.

    I do dress casual-business for work (whatever that means...). The times have changed Even our members' opening receptions have changed over the last 15 years. Staff used to take dressy clothes to work, to change into before the opening. Visitors dressed up fancy for the openings. Now, it's mostly that "business casual" thing. Slacks and a shirt or top. I must say, I am happy that it has been a couple of years since I put hose on. Don't ever want to go back to wearing stockings! LOL

  7. The 'people of Walmart' has become the way people dress these days. Me, no hose...detest them!

  8. I used to have to wear the white uniform and cap too, now it's scrubs which are so much easier to wash and wear, but I do kind of miss looking like an old time nurse!
    I wear jeans and t-shirts at home too. Wish I could get away with no makeup though!

  9. I'm the same way.... casual, jeans and cotton shirts for comfort. If it isn't comfortable, I don't wear it. I can't remember the last time I wore a dress. Even when I worked in an office, it was nice slacks and pretty tops. And the make-up? I'm allergic to most of them.... burns my eyes. I hope the new pictures taken for the church directory come out nice. I'll be watching for it.