Sunday, August 3, 2014


My thought today is to encourage someone. Someone in your family, a friend, neighbor, at church, at work, anywhere that someone needs a lift.

Maybe I am encouraging myself this morning.  Jim has one good day and the next, not so good.  He was in bed all day yesterday, was sick to his stomach, and white as a sheet.  He said he just 'didn't feel good'.  Needless to say, I stuck close by and listened for his call or even movement.  He got up around 5 pm for about an hour, then went back to bed.  He is still asleep as I type.

I do trust the Lord and His timing is perfect, but I have to constantly remind myself of that daily.  

I know I tell you how Jim is almost every day, but today, it is me.  I am afraid, lonely, tired, and pray for strength to take care of him, but take care of me too.

Sorry, this is a downer, I know.  That is where I am, no matter how hard I try.

(I am 'preaching to the choir' as an old saying goes!)


  1. Linda you are in my prayers...praying the God will ease your worrying and will lift your spirits. You have been under so much stress lately and I know we all get to our breaking point. Please know that I'm here for you and I will pray that God will turn things around. I'm also praying for Jim. I pray that he will be feeling better soon. Love and Hugs to you!!

  2. just lifted you both up in prayer. may jesus give you strength and other blessings to continue. prayer hugs for jim too. we all care about y'all very much. luv from georgia xx

  3. Linda, you are not a downer. Keeping you in and Jim in prayer. Thank you for the encouragement, sure need it. Blessings

    1. Sorry, I'm just tad bit "off" today..Keeping you and Jim in prayer.

  4. Linda, it is so hard being a care-giver, because you can lose yourself to it. You have needs too. I pray for you every day, and just ask that you remember that you can ask for help. Love & hugs, dear friend!

  5. I always say a prayer for you after reading your blog and before I type the first word. Never apologize. We are all human and capable of doing just so much before we're overwhelmed and totally spent. God is there with you, to give you more strength and to hold your hand.
    I pray Jim is having a good day and you can rest a bit.

  6. You are not a downer. The condition of our spouse makes so much difference in our day. Praying for you and Jim.