Monday, August 4, 2014

Good Monday morning.  We made it another week.

Jim is going backward again.  Continue to pray.  As for me, I was able to go to church yesterday morning and evening, and it was like eating a big meal and being full....full of hope, full of the Spirit, which gives me the strength to carry on.  And umbrella.
Schools here begin this week.  Today is registration for elementary and middle schools and tomorrow, the high school.  Classes actual will start on Thursday. Some of the kiddos are anxious and excited, some not so  As my daughter is a high school teacher......I tell her I will be praying for her this year and I am proud of the type teacher she is and the kids are lucky to have her.
It was bedtime last night and I started looking for Cali....I checked all the rooms, the closets, anywhere I thought she could be.  No Cali.  I heard the kids playing out back and looked out the window and there she was, running after Jesse!  Of course I have no clue how she got out, but when I went to get her, she hid under my car and peeped out at me.   One of Jesse's cats wandered over and as it was a male, being the woman Cali is, she had to come out and check him out.  I grabbed her and brought her back inside.  She meowed for what seemed like hours. Guess I ruined her hopes for a boyfriend!

I have to post this cartoon and for a reason.  A young man at church, that I tease with on and off, once asked me if I was shrinking.  He said I looked shorter than usual.  I told him when you get old, you do shrink!!  I am sure I look short (which I am) to him as he is 6-2!



  1. Cute story about the young man who asked if you were shrinking! Oh my!!

    Cali has had a taste of outside, so she will be trying to sneak out again, that naughty girl!! Glad you saw her and were able to get her in! Maybe she just needs a brother, to stay inside and play with her? :)

    Sorry Jim is feeling bad again. I know how hard it is for you, Linda. Prayers lifted for you both. Love & hugs.

  2. Thank you Terri, for your prayers. It means a lot to me. About Cali, I have almost decided that I will get one of Jesse's kittens when it is old enough. I hope if Cali has something to play with, she will be more content.

  3. Good Morning, Linda...
    I'm thinking if and praying for you and your hubby.
    I know from watching my own sweet parents how heartbreaking and physically stressful caring for a sick spouse is...
    I enjoy visiting with you each morning.
    Feels like an old fashioned phone call with our coffee! : )

  4. Naughty Cali! Maybe she is lonely.
    Praying for you and Jim today Linda.
    Luv ~:)

  5. Naughty Cali (smiles)--keeping you and Jim in prayer. I love your blog header, I wish my husband would heed to "I'm Listening to You"--men are from Mars, don'tcha know. (wink)--Blessings

  6. I had to chuckle about the young man... I get the same thing from my grandson. He says I'm shrinking... I tell him no, he's just getting taller. He's now 6'3" and I think he's still growing.
    That Cali !! Naughty girl. (smiling here)
    So glad you got to church yesterday. I know what you mean about a new meal... may the Holy Spirit keep you full this week.
    I'm sure you're proud of your daughter the teacher. God bless her. It takes a special person these days to be a teacher and the high school level is the hardest.
    Praying you and Jim have a good week.

  7. I asked my mom the other day if she was I bet everyone looks like they are shrinking to a 6-2 I'm sorry to hear Jim is still not doing well. Prayers continue for him! Did you put Cali in timeout? LOL..poor little girl, she just wanted to flirt with your Jessie's Teachers are so special and I know how proud you must be of your daughter. I can't wait until my daughter, Lindsay, begins her teaching career! Have a wonderful evening, Linda.

  8. Sorry about Jim - I'm praying!
    That naughty Cali. Glad you found her!