Saturday, August 2, 2014


I admit it.....I cannot handle the loud music that the younger generation plays.  To be honest, I can't understand a word they are singing.  It just sounds like something you would hear in the jungle.
Don't get me wrong - I love music.  Country, Gospel, Contemporary, Oldies, Classical and anything that doesn't hurt my ears and give me a headache.  Most, not all mind you, but most of the music today does just that.

Jim is doing great and I am so thankful.  He made some jalapeno pepper snacks yesterday and loves them.  I can't eat anything hot.  At first, he takes the insides out, then he stuffs them with sharp cheese and wraps them in bacon, and in the oven they go!
We kept Jesse yesterday afternoon until his Mom got home from work.  She gets home after Murphy leaves for his work.  Good that we live next door.

No plans for today....we just have to wait and see.  Leigh and her family left Florida this morning, headed home.  The girls start school this coming week.

All the shopping malls and restaurants and airports are riddled with low-fidelity loudspeakers, which apparently have developed the ability to reproduce by themselves; these are all connected to a special programming service called Music That Nobody Really Likes, and you cannot get away from it.   ~Dave Barry


  1. Good morning Linda! I'm one of the crazy ones that actually love the loud My kids sometimes have to tell me to turn the radio down in the car..haha. The jalapeno snacks that Jim made sound like something I would love! I put jalapenos on almost all of my food. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Good Morning. I'm with you on the loud music. Liam is pretty good about keeping it respectful, he does like his country and bluegrass, strange kid, not much into rock and roll.

    I love jalapenos like that. Have a great Sat. Blessings

  3. I like a lot of music, but not too loud or that screaming type of rock!
    Those jalapenos sound yummy!

  4. i don't do loud or crappy music either. it's garbage.
    husband loves jalapeno anything. i'm irish and stick with potatoes. :)

  5. I can listen to the Rolling Stones, and most bands from the 60s, but most of the Indy music you hear today is just noise and I can't stand it for too long. I much prefer the oldies, old-style country, and gospel. I love Spotify, on my computer at work because I can shuffle-play all my favorites! Jesse is lucky to have grandparents right next door (and so are his folks, lucky!). It is good that both his folks are working again, and that you can help out when they need you!