Monday, July 21, 2014


Poor Monday...everybody hates you.  I saw one quote that said, "I need a day in between Saturday and Sunday", which I suppose would extend their weekend. Even though I have been retired for 10 years now, I still have that 'Monday morning feeling'.  Is Monday a bad day for you?

I have been reading articles that explains Islam to me.  I am interested because it seems their number is increasing by the thousands every day.  If you want to read some of the things they believe and why, check out this site:

It is very interesting.  Some things I knew, most I did not.  I did not know that Muslims 'can' practice polygamy, but most do not.  After reading all they must say and do and dress and eat and teach, I could ever adhere to all of that.  I am so thankful that my God did not require me to do those things and all I had to do was accept His Son as my Savior and that is it.  I did, and I belong to Him.

The only plans for me today is to meet a long time friend, and sign an affidavit for her son.  His father left him some useless property and he wants to sell it, but cannot without two people who will sign that his father is who he said he was. It cannot be a relative so my friend thought immediately of me.  Her son was born at Warner Robbins AF base and I went to see him shortly after his birth.  I can without reservation sign that for him.

Say a little prayer for Jim.  He is 'down' again.

(I honestly can see me and Jim doing this!)


  1. That religion is very scary..shaking my head. Love your title picture. Keeping you and Jim in prayer. Yep, Mondays are like that here as well..I don't know why..have a great day Linda. Blessings

  2. Mondays...yick!!
    Usually takes about 20 minutes to wake up after i get to work......

  3. The cartoon is so funny. Love the horsey.
    I don't mind Monday's anymore. Of course when I worked, I wasn't glad to see it come. That meant the weekend flew by, but it still does.
    That "religion of peace" is very scary. They are multiplying like rabbits. They want to take over the US from within and kill the infidels. That's us. Look what they've done in England and other countries. Once they get their sharia laws accepted, it's just a matter of time for the society to go down the toilet. Pray we never let that happen here.
    You have a blessed day.

  4. I know that the Muslim 'religion" is NOT one of peace. It terrifies me to think of having to live under their rule.

    Sorry to hear Jim is down again. Hope he comes around soon. I love your banner photo and have similar thoughts about dieting. I've been at it for two weeks and have not budged since the original 8 pounds. I start wondering why I am even trying. Sigh.

    Mondays aren't usually bad for me, other than having to set the alarm and get to work. I love my job....just hate getting up early. I used to be a morning person, but now I'm liking it better when morning starts around 8:00, rather than 5:00!! LOL

  5. Sorry to hear that Jim is ailing again. Bless his heart. Maybe resting will help. I pray that he will be better soon.

    I know I'm preaching to the choir but here goes: Islam is satanic. It's pure, unadultrated, hatefilled evil. It's actually not a religion (I just learned this) but is a political system. Their whole purpose in life is to destroy Israel and Christians and other non-believers in Islam. The big lie is that they are a "religion of peace". They are the spawn of the devil. One big problem these days is white people aren't having enough children. This "religion" gained headway after WW II, after the mass extinction of the Jews. I read a really interesting article on it. Wish I'd saved it now. Anyway, as all y'all know, they are the enemy.

    I love Monday's. It means all the bad kids are back in school and those who have jobs are at them. Makes the week very quiet. I like that but I'm a curmudgeon. ~:)

    1. lol, I love it! I am always kinda glad when the kids go back to school too...peace and quiet.

  6. I'm glad our God doesn't require all that either.
    Mondays aren't bad for me. I think that because I work weekends so often, Mondays don't seem the same for me.
    Sorry Jim is having a down day. :(

  7. I'm not a big fan of Monday's..I wish life only had I'm sorry that Jim is down today. I am keeping him in my prayers! I can't imagine living under the rules of Islam. Thanks for the link to the article! Have a wonderful week, Linda!