Sunday, July 20, 2014


Sending a hug out to all my blog friends for your encouragement, concern and just all the good things you have said in the past few weeks and months, which have helped me tremendously.

There is no big news, or really any little news, at the abode this morning, so just wishing you a blessed day, whatever you choose to do.


  1. Yes...isn't this place wonderful? We get kindness and encouragement and prayers from wonderful people we otherwise would never have known. Despite the miles separating us, we form true friendships that help us celebrate the good and endure the trials.
    Quiet here today the porch mid-summer...and grocery shopping! : )
    Enjoy the quiet, my friend!

  2. Thanks for the hugs, right back atcha'. The book is about (on my blog) a boy who must fight- the gates of hell being open. Quirky might like it..Blessings

  3. I love my blogging friends, and am so blessed that I have met some of them - like you - in person! Sharing hugs and prayers and encouragement with our dear friends here means so much! Wishing you blessings as a new week begins!

  4. Cute, cute header today!
    I agree - I sure do appreciate my blogger friends.

  5. Oh, right back 'atchya pal! I feel encouraged here too. I've had so many pray, say sweet things, etc. during my trials and have rejoiced when I rejoiced. I do pray for ALL my blogging friends, followers, etc. I try to also include the neighbors and others in case they need a boast. Learned that from a former Pastor.
    We need prayers today please. I'm concerned our big dog Lucy is sick. I sure don't want any more bills right now. Thank you so much!
    Hope you're feeling better too. Maybe the Lord will call us all Home this year. Here's hoping that's so ...
    Luv ~:)

    1. poor lucy, sure hope she gets better soon....blessings sent your way my friend.

  6. I'm late and missed all the hugs you got yesterday, but I'm sending you a BIG hug for today. My blogging friends are also very special to me. I know I don't tell them often enough, but I'd be so depressed to lose any of them. Each day I look forward to meeting you here in my little computer. I hope you are having a good Monday, my friend.... blessings to you.

  7. Sending a Big Hug right back to you!! And also a special thank you to you for always being so supportive to me and always leaving such nice comments on my posts. You are a special friend Linda!