Saturday, July 19, 2014


Do you read signs when you are traveling? (not driving)  I can remember when I was a child and my family would take a vacation, my grandmother always went with us, and she would read the signs and repeat them to us.  She always found the funny ones.  Did you ever know or hear of 'Burma Shave' signs?  Those were her favorite.
Within this vale
of toil
and sin
your head grows bald
but not your chin – use

When I saw the street sign online, I had to take a second look, and then saw the meaning.  What is your street name?  Mine is Browns Ferry Road. There is a nuclear plant about 90 miles from where we live, called 'Browns Ferry' and I guess they picked that name because of it.

Jim is going to the men's prayer breakfast at church and he always takes cinnamon rolls.  He is making them now.  I have no plans and it is supposed to rain most of the day, so guess I will read, watch 'the idiot box', or do some hemming.


  1. Good Morning Linda..looks like rain here as well. No balloon race, no sense in even trying to go out there, they won't fly in cloudly conditions. Our street is Armory Pl, because the National Guard Armory is our neighbor. Blessings

  2. I love the header picture street. :)
    Ours is boring - 76th ave.
    I'm impressed that Jim can make cinnamon rolls!

  3. I love the name of the street in your banner! Ha! I live on Hillman Lane, and we learned that our little neighborhood (24 houses) sits on the former site of an orange grove that was owned by the Hillman family. A few people still have an orange tree or two in their yards, but the one we had, 25 years ago, froze out in December 1989. We never got to enjoy the fruit.

    Nice that Jim is feeling good enough to make rolls and get out to his men's group, at church!!

    We have sunshine for the second day in a row. After two weeks of rain, rain, rain, I like seeing the sunshine! Enjoy your quiet day, inside, Linda!

  4. I love the street name. That's so funny. I read signs too. And I remember the Burma Shave signs. We still have one just outside of town on the old highway 30. I can't tell you now what it says, but it's a classic.
    Our street name is Woodland Avenue. This area was all woods before they cut down all the trees to build houses. Then the home owners planted trees.
    We've had a rainy morning but it's suppose to clear up late afternoon. I don't mind this light rain. The grass needs it.
    Hope you have a relaxing day.

  5. It's finally raining here! It's been powder dry for about 3 weeks. It gets kinda scary when it does that. I love the rain.
    I remember Burma Shave signs. I'll bet if there's any still out there, they're valuable. I wish they'd bring back cute signs.
    We live on Mill Creek Road, thus named for the creek we live next to and the Primitive Baptist Church & Cemetery next door. Our neighbors are really quiet. *lol* ~:)

  6. Hi Linda! I have been so busy the last few days and haven't been on blogger. I poured myself a cup of tea and I am making the rounds I always read road signs and love the funny ones. We used several different road trip games with the kids so we were always looking at the billboards. I live on Barbara Drive. I know that sometimes home builders will name the streets after their family members..I always wondered if there the builder who built the houses in my subdivision has a Barbara in his