Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The three ages of man: youth, middle age and 'my word you do look well'!!

As a young man in my church asked me one day, 'are you getting shorter?'  In my head I am still young, happy and fun- loving.  My body laughs and says 'how far can you run or even walk, without having to sit down?'  My Mother died when she was 60 and she was still on the go!  I am 72 and 'my go has gotten up and gone' without me.

My Pastor had a message about, no matter how young or old you are, God still has work for you to do.  I was praying last night and asked Him what is left for me to do.  I have been praying that for several weeks now and so far, I don't have the answer.  I am saved, faithful to church, I tithe, I work at being helpful and nice, but there has to be more that an older adult can do for the Lord.  My Pastor's wife told me once that she sees my smile from the choir.  That doesn't sound like much, but it made me happy, as Jim and I sit at the back of the church and it has a long aisle!  Maybe I am an encouragement to someone.
I haven't posted any postcards lately, but am still receiving at least one or more every week.  It is amazing to me that with all the trouble in the world, and in certain countries in particular, I can still receive a postcard.

These are from Erie Canal, Germany, Russia and Ukraine, in order.  In my mind, I don't think of Russia or the Ukraine as looking this way.  Interesting to me.

We finally talked to the adjuster for our homeowners insurance, and we are getting three brand new TV's, to replace the ones that were totalled, week before last, due to an electrical surger.


  1. I like the post cards. They're pretty.
    All Christians are called to witness without ceasing about the love of Jesus Christ. That's our duty and that duty never goes away. Always be prepared to share Jesus with others and you'll be doing His will.
    Luv from the equally hot, steamy South. ~:)

  2. Whoohooo on the new TVs!!

    Linda, you do more than you could even know, just through your posts here and on Facebook. You inspire, you console, you pray for us....don't ever think you are done and don't know what to do for the Lord. You are doing more than most, every day.

    You chose some wonderful post cards to share with us. The Ukraine photo is especially interesting. I at first thought it must be Italy. Awesome!!

  3. Linda..you do more than you think..your blog sure inspires and makes me smile. I love the post cards. Awesome news about the insurance. Keeping you in prayer. Thank you for praying for Liam..it sure means alot. Blessings

  4. Happy to hear the good news from the insurance company. Your postcards are so much fun. I don't think of Russia or the Ukraine looking like that either. I have a blog friend from Kazikstan who lives in a beautiful house in a development that looks like it could be in the US. That surprised me too. I guess our ideas of things aren't always right!
    I love hearing how your smile touched someone in church. Just shows that we never know how God is using us!

  5. I love the postcards. It does show some very pretty places in countries that we don't picture like that. New TV's... that's great the ins. company came through for you.
    I've always believed what your pastor said. God will use us in ways we don't even think about most days. It could be just a sweet smile to someone, like your's. Maybe a kind word. You bless me with every blog post you write. It could also be something that hasn't surfaced yet. Somebody may be facing real trouble in the near future and God may put you there to help them. We just never know.