Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If you can't see the bright side of life, polish the dull side.

I saw my title picture on Pinterest and loved it!  It is just so easy - buy a planter, buy some 'glow in the dark' paint, paint the planter, put your favorite flower or greenery in it, and wa-la - fun outside at night!  Instead of buying those little stick lights you put in the ground, use this idea.

Heavy rain, hail and thunder storms heading our way.  They (who are 'they'?) have said it is going to be this way for the past week, and so far, we have had a couple of light 10 minute showers.  We need the heavy rain, the all day rain.  The cooler temps will move in also.  89 degrees in the middle of May is awful.  It may be 110 in the middle of July if this is of things to come.

We went to watch Jesse play baseball again last night.  He hit another one to the fence and brought 2 others plus himself in for 3 runs!  He was so excited.  He came over when they got home, and said, 'Nana, Paw-Paw, sit down I have something to tell you.'  It was about that hit he made.  (You would have thought he was going to tell us we won $1,000,000, and to us it was worth that!)

At Aryn and Grayce's school, they had awards day yesterday. This is what my daughter posted on Facebook:
"Great awards day! Grayce won a Bible History Class Award and only one of 11 (in a class of 220) to make STAR ROLL (all A's) in 6th grade!!! Aryn completed her Middle Years IB (International Baccalaureate) Program! The end is drawing near for 2013/14 and what a spectacular school year it has been! NOW bring on summer and HURRY!!! I think I hear Jimmy Buffett in the background!!!"

I might be able to do this type exercise this summer.................

Enjoy the God told us, 'This is the day the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.'


  1. Love everything about this one, my friend...
    I hope you get the rain you need, in the form of a cozy, steady, spring rainfall. : )
    Your grandchildren sound amazing! In part, I'm certain, to the support and love of a certain awesome set of grandparents. : )
    Have a wonderful day...we are feeling more like summer her as well.

  2. Awesome news about your grands!! Congrats all around.--here, been stormy, very warm/humid. Under severe weather threats until Friday-then the temps will plunge to highs of 60! WOOHOO!!!! (smiles)--Blessings

  3. PS I love the planter idea!!! Great photo you found.

  4. Love the title saying. And what a cool planter idea.

  5. The planters are amazing, and I love the title of this post. Memorable!! And thanks for the "exercise video" (smile)... finally, one I might be willing to do!!

  6. What a happy post, Linda, and I love that you have us hanging out in the clouds!! Those glow-in-the-dark planters are really cute! Your grands and all grand, in every way. Love the way Homer is exercising. I think I could manage that one!! LOL Thanks for the giggles!

  7. I love that glow in the dark planter idea! Hooray for your grandkids. They deserve the pride you have for them!

  8. Love the glow in the dark planters! Congrats on the grands accomplishments!

  9. Love your header on your blog. We're having more rain today. I know we might need it, but I also need some sunshine. Have a great day, time to fix some breakfast and fill my pill keeper for the week. All ready got Abe's done.

  10. The chair on the treadmill is a great idea! That's the kind of exercise I could get into. *lol*
    I had never considered painting planters fluorescent. Something whimsical like that fits my capricious nature. Remember in the 70s how popular fluorescent paint was? I know I drove my parents crazy painting everything. That brings back memories ...
    And congratulations to the Grands on their accomplishments! I know they must all be ready for summer. With these temps, I'm already ready for Fall again. I never look forward to summer in the SE.
    God bless. ~:)