Friday, May 2, 2014

The name of my background today is 'mouse in the house'.  I think a better name today would be 'mouser in the house'!

Good Friday morning to all.  I know those that are working always look forward to this day, or at least I did.  Seemed like no matter how hard the day was, I could make it one more day.

Still nothing from doctors or dentists, so a call will have to be made.  It is ridiculous that none have called.  It isn't like Jim hasn't been a patient of all of them for years.  I think it is a fault in the office workers.

Neither of us slept very well last night.  I had weird dreams all night and thought I heard someone walking around in the driveway.  I could hear footsteps on gravel, but everything seems to be in place so it was just a dream.  Do you ever have nights like that - dream crazy things?

We did drive over to the recreation center and watch Jesse play baseball last evening. It rained so much, they cancelled 6 games in regular season, so this was a make-up game.  He did very good....can run like the wind and throw good.  Catching the ball seems to be the hardest thing for him. Score wasn't kept since it was makeup.

 My mind is like a steel trap, 
rusty and illegal in 37 states.


  1. Yep..I sure do have weird scary yours was, about someone walking around..just becareful and your ears open. I love our blog header..prayers for you to get answers soon. Blessings

  2. That is a creepy dream. I had a weird one the other night. I dreamed I had gotten really fat and was waiting in line at a cafeteria to get more ice cream. Needless to say, my diet started then! *ha ha*

    Maybe it's time to park yourself in the doctor's waiting room and be a squeaky wheel. That gets the grease, you know. Prayers for answers and healing soon.

    God bless my friend. ~:)

  3. Grrr on not hearing from the doctors. Very frustrating!
    I have crazy dreams all the time.

  4. I am late getting to blogs...again!! Cali is such a beautiful girl. Love that picture!! I can't imagine how frustrated you and Jim must be with those doctors/dentists. What a shame! TGIF - you are right! I am a happy girl to be nearly at the end of this week! I rarely remember my dreams. Jesse is so cute - who cares that he can't catch?!! Love & hugs!

  5. Jesse is growing up and looking cute in his sports gear. Family is awesome! I always loved how you take so much pride and joy in yours.
    Hope tonight brings you sweet dreams :)