Thursday, May 1, 2014


You really can see 7 states from Rock City, here in Chattanooga, Tennessee!

Have you ever heard the expression, 'if I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I would have had them first'?  Mine sure bring joy to my life.

This is 'Miss Snaggletooth!  Elizabeth

This little man plays so hard, he couldn't stay awake on the way home.  Jesse

From her track coach:  "Just home from pentathlon sectionals in Nashville. Congrats to Aryn Sanders in her 3rd place finish overall (out of 20). Aryn fought hard and won the final event, the 800m run with a 2:29! Aryn should be state bound with this finish!:"

We are still awaiting the call from the oral surgeon, who was contacting the cardiac doctor for approval to pull the tooth that is giving Jim lots of pain.  He is on his antibiotics as instructed.

We didn't go to church last night as we both were not feeling well.  My back has started acting up and I was just exhausted. Jim's legs were still weak.  After we ate a little bit of supper, we turned off the TV in the living room, and listened to a CD of one of our Pastor's previous messages.

I don't find it hard to meet expenses. They're everywhere. 


  1. Such beautiful grandchildren, my friend!
    Hope all goes well with your hubby, and you too.
    Enjoy visiting with you!

  2. I didn't know there was such a place in TN like that. Amazing.
    Yes, I've heard that saying and I agree. Too bad we couldn't have the grands first. Of course we sometimes have to admit our grandchildren are special because they're perfect little angels. hehehe
    Congratulations, Aryn. Wow!
    Hope all goes well for Jim. And for you. Hope your back doesn't start hurting again. Take care, my friend. God bless.

  3. That is so true about Rock City, we love that place. I so enjoy reading about your grandkids. Hope you get news soon about the oral surgeon. Prayers.

  4. I want to return to Rock City some day. Maybe when the economy is improved we can travel again. We keep "meeting expenses" too. It's not Hope And Change, it's Dope And Cringe for America.
    I pray that the oral surgeon and the other doctor can get it together soon. Poor Jim (and you) must be suffering.
    The grandkids are all so cute. Wish I had some.
    We're getting your rain today. Florida / Alabama have been slammed with too much water and are having terrible flooding. Hope the serious stuff misses us.
    God bless. ~:)

  5. Your grandchildren are all so beautiful and talented! I remember when Jesse was a little guy with some real health issues. Look at him now!! Aryn is an amazing athlete and should have not trouble getting a scholarship to college.

    Sorry to hear you and Jim are both under the weather. I hope that heart doctor gets busy and starts paying attention to his patients. Good grief, this is so frustrating! Prayers continue for you both. Love & hugs.

  6. Such cute grandkids! I thought your expenses quote was cute too - and true!
    We were in Rock City once, but it was so foggy we couldn't see much at all.
    Hope you and Jim are feeling better and that tooth is pulled soon.

  7. Only problem is, the Grandkids arrive when we're older and don't have as much energy. Looks like they all keep busy.

    Sorry your back is acting up again, mine has never stopped. I told the doctor our one daughter bought me a walker and she said use it twice a day to take a walk, each day go a little further. Keep the legs and back working, if you don't use it you lose it.

    It seems the older one gets, the more problems seem to arrive when least expected. Hope Jim gets his tooth taken care of, soon. Hope you both have a great day. Sun is shining here, temp is cool 48, just dropped Granddaughter off at school about 45 mins. ago. Now it's time to fix some breakfast for Abe and me.