Saturday, May 3, 2014


I feel like I have been and will be online forever!  I began with my first computer back in 1991, and just kept at it now in 2014.  I began blogging, if you call it that back then, on Yahoo 360.  Made lots of good friends there.  It shut down and I moved to Multiply and again, met many nice people. After Multiply closed, I had reservations of even blogging any more, but you know - I was hooked and didn't even realize it.  Making the choice of where to go to blog took me a little while, but since many of my long time friends moved to Blogspot/Blogger, here I came.  I really like the format and will stay until further notice.

Yesterday was a disaster!  First, the TV in the living room went blank.  The lights all over the house would dim and come back bright, dim, and come back.  We called Murphy and he came over and moved a TV from the kitchen into the living room.  Jim and I don't enjoy the same type TV programs. He watches in the living room and I watch in the kitchen or bedroom. When Murphy changed the cables and plugged in this TV, it made a loud noise and it died.  Ok, so I went to the back bedroom to check to see if that one would work, and it was smoking, filling the room.  I panicked and Murphy came running, unplugged and removed all the cables.  It then calmed down.

We have a friend that is electrician and Jim called him to come and check out the electrical parts  in our home.  He did come, checked it all and said all registered ok.  Jim then called the power board and a man came within the hour.  Went up on the power pole outside, checked it, came then and checked all the wiring and all was ok.  In the meantime, while the guy was on the pole, a new family that has just moved in next door, went over to ask him to come to their house as something happened and knocked out their washer and dryer.

We are to call a certain person at the power board on Monday to see about replacement of our TV's, as it was determined there was a power surge from somewhere close by.

Ok, we are not at the end yet!

Jennifer, the middle daughter, called and sent a picture of her youngest, who had shut the car door on her little thumb.  Of course Elizabeth cried, but Jennifer said her sister, Caroline probably cried the hardest.  The little girls are very close to one another, like twins might be.  They rushed E. to an emergency clinic close by where they xray'd and found no broken bones, had to put a few steri-strips instead of stitches, and pink bandage on her thumb.  Bless her heart, Jennifer said she was more worried they would give her a shot, than fussing about the pain.  Children - got to love them.

To end this long epistle, today is Murphy's 41st birthday and he is having a cookout at his house with multiple number of guests.  No rest for his neighbors - us!

Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.
(after yesterday, I really am!)


  1. What a day y'all had! Sorry about the unexpected expenses and the thumb crushing. I crushed a finger once when little. I remember how badly it hurt. Tell her I hate shots too. I pray she's healed soon.

    The power company should compensate y'all for any losses, especially if you had an all house surge protector installed at the pole and it originated from that point. We had that installed too.

    It must be the season to replace electronics. We had two TV's go out awhile back too. First the big expensive one in the LR died, then the "good" one in our master bedroom fried a board. Both where LCD, flat screens, very nice and not very old! Couldn't afford to replace both so just did the LR one. I had DirecTV turn off the receiver in the bedroom. Turns out, we wheren't watching it anyway. We had to replace all 3 computers, converting from XP to Windows 8.1. It's been an expensive 6 weeks for us! I hope that's the end of it. If anything blows, I give up. Not replacing anything.

    I hope the cookout is fun and relaxing. Still praying that Jim is doing better and you are also well and happy. ~:)

    1. You are such a dear always understand me! Right now, today, and that is as far as I can go, he is feeling better, and up more than usual. Am praying it lasts for a while. Have a good weekend.

  2. My friend...
    I certainly hope today is better for you both.

  3. Goodness! That's awful. Those power surges can cause a lot of damage, but the electric co. is responsible. I hope they replace your tv's. We had a similar experience but we didn't lose any electronics.
    Poor little Elizabeth. That hurts. One of my girls, Lori, did that when she was about the same age. Her twin sister, Lisa, hurt as bad as Lori did and cried almost as hard. She was afraid they'd have to cut off Lori's thumb.
    You and Jim have a good day.

  4. Thank goodness you will be compensated for your losses, Linda! That had to be scary, especially when you saw the smoke!! What a shame that Elizabeth's finger got in the way of the car door, but happy it isn't broken. Your grandkids are all special, Linda, and so caring. I know you will enjoy the birthday party! Glad Jim is feeling a little better, and hope your back is better, too. Love & hugs.

  5. My goodness! I have never heard of such a thing..I am glad your ok..Happy Birthday Murphy! Wishes for many more. I am sorry about your grandaughter..Prayers for you. (Ditto on what everyone else said, smiles). Blessings

  6. You really did have a day. That was a bit much!
    Glad Murphy got things going and I hope the tv is replaced.
    Poor Elizabeth, and Caroline too. :(
    Happy Birthday to Murphy!

  7. I just had a funny thought. You've said several times nothing exciting happens so you have nothing to blog about. Now it all happened in one day!

    1. Yep it sure did, and I will take the boring days, any time!