Saturday, April 26, 2014


     Can you relate to my heading today?  I learned this a long time ago and have tried to stick to it, but now and then, I give in!  Not only that, you have X amount of money to spend at the grocery, and end up with double that figure.  It makes me upset at myself, so will go back to being thrifty for the next few visits.

     Jesse had a baseball game yesterday, but we couldn't go.....Murphy (his dad and our son) came over when they got home to tell us he went '2 for 2' and had a really good swing when hitting.

     I know I have asked before and I know my prayer partners here have prayed when I ask, but am asking again for prayer for Jim.  He is fading fast, right before my eyes.  Bless his sweet heart, if you had known him 40-50 years ago, you would never think of him the way he is now.  He drops everything, his legs fail him at the oddest times, and he hates to have to ask me to do anything, even though he knows I don't mind. We both are weary.

     I woke up at 2:20 this morning and never went back to sleep.  This is what I posted on Facebook and felt it was meant for me....

     Romans 11:-33-36
Following God's Schedule
     Most of us enjoy feeling in control of our own schedule and grow frustrated when things don't go according to plan. Yet if we truly desire to walk in the center of God's perfect will, we must become willing to cooperate with His time frame.
     Submitting to God's timetable requires faith and courage. Believe in the goodness of His heart and His plans--and determine to wait until He gives the signal to move forward. Then, as you follow His schedule, you'll experience the joy of watching Him make all things beautiful in His timing.
.......Dr. Charles Stanley

I wish you a good day.


  1. Keeping you in prayer. I know how hard it is for you both. As you know, my husband had a series of strokes 5-6 yrs ago and he has short term memory loss, he doesn't have the energy like he use too..I could go on and on. His died dad at age 49 and that weighs heavy on his mind, as he is only a year away from that age. I sure understand about the emotional state your in.

    Thanks for the chuckle about the groceries. You know, I do that, eat doesn't work, lol. That is wonderful news about your grandson. Please know sweet friend, you are in my prayers. Blessings

  2. Of course I'll pray for Jim - and you too. It has to be very hard to see his health deteriorate. Glad Jesse had a good game.
    Love the header - so true!

  3. You and Jim are both in my daily prayers, Linda. I'm so sorry that you are having to watch him decline before your eyes. It's so sad, and even more frustrating that we can't do much to help, other than be there for them. Love & hugs, dear friend.

  4. OF COURSE y'all are in our prayers! I try to pray for all my blogging friends. I will say an extra special prayer for you all today.

    I have to stay out of Wal-Mart for the same reason: spending too much. And eating first doesn't help. It's all those pretty packages! Shame on them for tempting me! *lol*

    God bless. ~:)