Friday, April 25, 2014


Hope your morning so far, has been good.  It's Friday---how can it be bad?

Just another day in the 'neighborhood' here.  Hope you have a blessed day!

 You can't have everything; 
where would you put it?


  1. Ha!! Very cute photo and caption! You header, too, made me true!

    Wishing you a good Friday and weekend, Linda!! Love & hugs.

  2. :) I love this - very true!

  3. Morning. :) I love the picture. That's cute. It's just another day here in the neighborhood too. Nothing new. Nothing special. I hope you have a good day. God's blessings on you and your hubby. ♥

  4. Hey, where'd you get that picture of me? (lol--I am sure I looked like that when we moved here almost a yr ago, lolol) --thanks for the smiles. Hope you having a lovely Friday. Blessings

  5. That's a funny picture. It looks just like my best friend's house. I'm anti-clutter and she's just the opposite. We're like the Odd Couple but still love and appreciate each other. Being sisters in Christ, one learns to over look such silly differences.
    Hope your day was a happy one! ~:)