Sunday, March 16, 2014


Every window we look out or as we drive along the highways, the white pear trees are blooming, bringing hope of spring.  Some buildings or churches have them surrounding the property. There is a slight problem with them though, and that is the smell!  If you have never been around them, when in full bloom, it is almost over-powering, but pretty none the less.

Jesse's school had their annual spring carnival yesterday and he and his Dad went....Dad had to work one of the booths, so Jesse enjoyed himself in other ways.....this is the result!!!  What 6 year old little boy wouldn't love this?  He has a snake painted on the side of his face
We picked up Aryn's birthday present and were very pleased with it.....I wish I could afford to have 5 more made at this time, to give the other grandchildren on their birthdays.  To have them all at one time is a little expensive, so provided the good Lord lets me live a while longer, maybe I still can have them made, one at a time. It is fun to blow the glass and watch it being formed.
Church day for the Eller family.  We will start our revival today and it goes through Wednesday.  We will have very special speakers and special music.  God's Word will be opened and read and we hope that hearts are open and will be touched by Him.

Have a blessed day!


  1. Love the ornament/friendship ball. Love, love your grandson..what a happy boy, smiles. Yes, indeed, the pear trees smell very pretty. Blessings

  2. That ornament is so pretty - what a wonderful keepsake!
    Jesse looks pretty cute, and happy too!
    Love your Spring pictures!

  3. Know you will enjoy church revival and the good music.
    Alien is so cute.

  4. I can't say I've ever smelled a pear tree in bloom. They are pretty. I'm waiting patiently for my lilacs to bloom, but that's going to be awhile yet.
    Your little 'alien' is cute. Looks like he was having fun.
    I love Aryn's ornament. Very pretty. You did good. I'm sure she'll enjoy it for many years to come. A wonderful keepsake from her Grandma's hands especially for her.
    Church revival time is always special. A time to renew the spirit within us, feel God's love and draws us closer to Him. I've always felt so blessed afterwards.
    You have a wonderful day. ♥

  5. Very cool ornament! I wish you could give one to every child too. That's such a sweet thought. The pear tree is pretty. Ours are blooming too. We have some very happy bees.
    Hope y'all had a blessed Sunday. ~:)