Saturday, March 29, 2014


Dreary, dark, cool describes what this day is going to be. Therefore, have to find some sunshine inside.  I ordered 2 new DVD's so Jim and I will be cranking up the gas logs and be movie folks. Might put on a pot of chili to round out the day.

A couple of my friends here have asked if I am ok.   Answer: yes, but I have to be honest.  I have lost my love of blogging right now.  I have nothing that interests me to post, therefore, I know whatever I do post, probably isn't of interest to anyone else.  I thought about just shutting down, take time off and see if I want to come back or leave it alone.

I have made some really good friends, long time friends from 360 yahoo, then Multiply and now Blogger.  I would hate to lose contact, but I told myself there is always email or Facebook.  True, but those two areas are not like blogging.

At my point in life, we don't do much.  We don't travel, we don't even go out to eat very much, we don't belong to organizations, we don't walk, exercise, garden or anything that most folks do.  Jim is 82 and you know he isn't in the best of health.  I am 72, and although I have some health problems, there are nothing compared to his, so I try to be the caretaker for him.

So, I said all that to say, don't be surprised one day if I say that I am shutting down, or at least taking a long, long break.

.....for your friendship!


  1. Long, long breaks are OK! Shot, I've done that before too (everybody suffers from burn out now and then) but golly I hope you don't go away permanently! How will we know if y'all are OK?! Hey, I'm not interesting but I still keep talking. *lol* I'm not on FaceBook, never will again, I'm just here. Oh, and on Twitter. My e-mail address is on my blog but your's is blocked. Anyway, I enjoy your blog no matter what's discussed. Hope you can stick around. Try just posting once a week or something. Maybe that'll help take the burden off of coming up with a subject every day. But whatever you decide, I will always call you FRIEND.
    God bless. ~:)

  2. LINDA! (oh oh there goes that shouting again, lol)--don't ever say you have nothing to blog about or ppl have no interest..I love coming here, no matter how short or long your posts are..they make me smile. NOW, I can tell you I get the same way..I think we all do..and quite is many diff. factors on why. I know our dear friend Mildred is taking a break as well. It is ok to take a break, you have my email and you can always do you dear friend..keep on blogging. (I was going to say trucking, lolol.-silly me..I think I have had to much coffee this am, is that such a thing I wonder?) Blessings

  3. BTW, I LOVE YOUR BACKGROUND AND BLOG HEADER. (oops, sorry for shouting again.) Smiles

  4. :( Don't shut down! Maybe you can just post when you feel like it. There are a lot of us out here who care about what's happening in your life and want to pray for you. Don't make it hard on yourself - just pop in here from time to time.

  5. Yep, what Mari & Sparky say!!! smiles

  6. Linda....Just do like I do. I don't have a schedule of blogging. There is no possible way I could blog every day like some people do. I wouldn't have anything of interest to post about every day, so instead, I just jump on my computer when I think of something that I want to share with you and my other blogging friends.
    I am so glad that we met, and I would miss you terribly if you didn't blog any more, but I don't want to pressure you to blog just because of me. That would be terribly selfish of me.
    I hope that you know that I pray for you and for Jim, and I feel as if I know you both. We've never met, but I feel in my heart that if we did, I would know you immediately, love you even dearer than I already do, and that we would get along perfectly. I know that we are both Sisters in Christ. Therefore, I know that we have a bond that will never be broken. If you decide to take a blogging break or even if you decide to not blog any more, I do hope that you will stop by and visit me and let me know how you are and how your Jim is. I would miss you very much if you stopped, but I do completely understand. Blogging should be something that you enjoy and don't feel any pressure about doing.
    And....I wanted to add that you always have something meaningful to say to me here at your blog. If not, I wouldn't be here! :)) Just the truth, my sweet friend. Just the truth.
    Hugs and love to you,