Sunday, March 30, 2014


We are through with the rain and are looking for temps in the upper 70'.s and 80's this coming week.  Spring is sneaking in our back door for sure.

Grayce (Aryn's younger sister) plays on a travel soccer team and they went to Nashville this weekend for a tournament.  They played one game and then got rained out, but from the looks of this picture, they had fun anyway.  (Grayce is the 7th from the left)

Do not sing your own praises.  Let others congratulate you if they will, but at the end of the day offer those praises to the One who really deserves it—the Lord.


  1. Eww..all that mud, lol. Did you say 70-80's? Whistling, we got walloped again last night with snow. I'm not complaining, God is good. Paraphrasing Liam, "Mom, God must think we need this, huh?" Blessings dear friend, thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow - that is a mess! Glad they had fun.
    Those temps sound more like Summer... Enjoy!

  3. When I was young, mud wasn't a bother. Now I look at it and think "yuuuuck ..." LOL I hope they had a good time inspite of the slush. It's warmed up here enough to plant our vegetable garden. I do enjoy Spring. And you're right, always praise God, for it's His blessings that keep us safe. ~:)