Friday, March 28, 2014

Jim has appointment with pain doctor at 8:20 this morning, so we will be leaving before long.  I have no news to share and pray you have a good day.  We are to have rain for a couple of days but it is warm, so I can handle the rain.


  1. Raining here too, my friend.
    Prayers for a good doctor visit for your hubby, and a cozy weekend for you both. :)

  2. Raining here too...
    Hope the appt goes well.

  3. Raining here too, hope you have a sunshiny day regardless of the weather. Keeping you in prayer. Blessings

  4. Hope all goes well. I've added myself back into your members, for some reason I wasn't there, but then this looks like a new blog to me. Perhaps your computer crashing had something to do with it. I don't know.

    1. Patty, so glad you found me and we are back as friends...I really dont know what happened either. Hope you have a good Friday.

  5. It's dark and rainy here too. Think of it this way..... the flowers need the fresh water so they can break ground and grow.
    Hope his appointment went well and you both have a restful day.

  6. I pray that y'all had a good day and Jim is improved. It's raining here now. I hope it rains all weekend. Keeps the 4 wheelers off our dirt road. God bless. ~:)